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Christ! It's raining like Hell.

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I seem to have pissed-off

Mother Nature.

Every few years,

in some way,


Either destroys my home

or disrupts my life.

Roughly half of the places I've lived in,

No longer exist.


incredible storms,

Earthquakes and

the US government once.

What gets to me?


heavy rain on my roof,

I won't sleep,

I'll pace the house,

round and round,

eat Ativan,

Fret,fight off

impulses to flee,

Last night,now today,

Fucking rain.

My wife lived through much the same


The difference?

Could be,

She always had lots of family,

tons of Uncles and cousins

and all that,

And close locally too.

I used to love rain,

good thing,being Northern Californian

all my life,

Oregon rain looks the same,just colder.

Bleh,maybe time for a snuggle,Stasis

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As I am writing this the sun has actually peeked out from behind the clouds. I am 90 miles north of Ducktown (Eugene) and it has been a deluge for two days. I am having a little fun watching NW cable news and the dickweeds driving through a foot of standing water at 60 MPH. There are fun things to do in the winter in the NW. Like planning a trip to ANYWHERE WARM!!!!!

Seriously, I have lived all over our country and the world and I always come back here. I think there is an understanding amoungst native NW citizens that we endure the cold, wet, endlessly dark months with the knowledge that in Spring all will be set right.

And if you think it is cold, wet, and dark here I spent ten years in SE Alaska. It is the most depressing place on the planet in the winter. Not even enough snow to make it interesting. Just dark, wet, dark, cold, dark, and dark.

Be safe


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It's kind of strange.

Where I spent most of

My life,

was where the

warm,wet storms from Japan

meet the Cold Wet storms

From the Aleutians.

Bad weather,

Places I lived averaged

from 120"

to 60" a year.

I freaking out in


Getting older

and Crazier

At least up here,

it quits,

and breaks up,

before deluging again.

Cranky,how 'bout a mud fight


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We really are crazy! I'm in Vancouver WA, so I totally understand the grumbles about the weather. It's not so much about the amount of rain.. It's the number of days that have rain in them. We get so many crappy gray wet days where it just drizzles all day. Doesn't accumulate much, but it sure it yucky. Why don't we move? What are we thinking staying here? Lol.. I don't know. I'm glad I'm not the only one though!

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Hey Breeze,

'96 was a good year for storms.

New years Eve morning,

we were getting an inch an hour.

But the best I saw was

the late Sixties,

we lived between Klamath and Crescent City,

high above the ocean on those steep slopes.

We saw funnel clouds,water spouts,huge lightning,

the surf breaking 1/2 mile from the beach.

the rain would just pile up on the ground.

Loved it.

But,I lost my home and

a way of life

that cannot

be replaced.

now hard rain,

makes me spin


I'm glad you enjoy it,though,I owe myself

a trip to the coast,been a long while since

I have been much North of Brookings.


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OK. Then I understand why you would have "issues" with Mother Nature. I am sorry you lost your house. Not the same after something like that.

I'm glad you enjoy it,though,I owe myself

a trip to the coast,been a long while since

I have been much North of Brookings.

I LOVE Brookings. I would love to move there. I am in Cannon Beach. WAY north. But I have always loved Brookings and its solitude. Or I think it's still that way.......probably not.

If my husband were not so attached to this town, I would move. Not because of the weather - the tourists are what gets my anxiety going. Too many people in too small a space. And the Local Powers that Be (the ones with the money) want MORE tourists. Like....where are we going to put them?

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Hey Breeze,

  How you liking the wind today? I used to love a good storm by the ocean. I lived in Guam for two years. Went through 7 typhoons in eight months. Two super typhoons. Wicked. Direct eye passage twice. I actually miss those bad boys.

  My son was born during a typhoon. The drop in barometric pressure induced labor in his mom. Stayed in the hospital for 17 hours and watched the lights go out in Agana. In the morning the sun was out and so was my beautiful son, Ryder.

  Now he and I live in Vancouver, WA and we are watching the rain fall sideways. Makes me miss my tropical island and the warm sun that would rise tomorrow.

  Stasis, I'm up for a mud fight but no rocks or sticks, please. They sting. Nothing like a wet dirt clod in the back to remember my lost youth.  ;)

Love you all,


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  You'll notice I didn't/couldn't post much yesterday. The power kept going in and out. Argh!

And Stasis:


I saw Cannon Beach

on the

Weather Channel.

This is a friend of mine who is a professional photographer. He captures all the storms, and rescues that happen here in town. So when I hear that, I know Dave has been busy.

One time I was in a hotel room in San Fransisco getting ready to come home. They had a "dramatic rescue" on CNN. It took place 500 yards from my house. I knew it before I saw it.

And Bobby - great story about the arrival of your son. I bet you miss the mornings after there in Guam. We are NOT having a warm sunny day here, although it did look good a moment ago.

But this is the Oregon coast.


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Every summer I think to myself that the winters aren't really that bad. 

And every November I relearn.


I'm in Seattle and the same is true.  The summer is so alluring and beautiful, and fall is magical, and then the first week of November it rains straight through.  And you forget about the rest of it because the next six months will be consumed by umbrellas, scarves, and mud puddles.

Weather sucks donkey dong.

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Waves from a Seattle kid

I moved to the Idaho panhandle

to avoid the soggy gloom

allergy to mildew was a real pain

the joke is on me

weather on the palouse is weird

Dry as hell and then wet and muddy

January brings the Chinook thaw

Raw, and rainy

I always hate it

So depressing

Sorry that You've gained the evil eye

of unkind Gods, Stasis

(and now I've snitched your posting style)

I've been at the mercy of earthquakes once too often

I understand

comiseration hug from The mad witch of Darby ;)

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Our weather on the east coast has been wierd -- it's 70F outside today! And this is not the usual weather for this time of year. I want to go out and play, but I have way too much work to do.  We've had an unusually warm fall, a week or two in October that seemed like real fall.

It's hot and sticky humid here in the summer, especially August. So I spend the whole time saying to myself, "but it doesn't snow! it doesn't snow feet of snow! it doesn't snow from November through April!" Sometimes, it's enough.


(despite the temperature, I seem to have your dark gloom outside today

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Now look towards the southwest. See that bright, glowing orb up in the sky? I have heard from a mostly reliable source that the Fireball-In-The-Sky is actually the Sun! Good gosh, how I do love living here.


  You mentioned earthquakes and I couldn't agree more. I hate those things. On August 8, 1993 I got to experience and 8.2 quake on the island of Guam. Seemed like it went on forever. And it was the feeling of utter helplessness during the quake that triggered my PTSD. I made a deal with my God that if He didn't make me go through and earthquake again I would stop driving on the sidewalks. Worked so far.



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Having lived not far

From Cape Mendocino,

where the

San Andreas fault,

lays out to sea.


Close to the

Cascadia Subduction Zone.

Earthquakes,were a life feature.


3 6.9-7.0s

Lots of fun that time.

My wife and 3 yearold son

were in the

Scotia grocery store

I couldn't run,the ground

you know.

when I found them,

knee-deep in stuff.

I grabbed kid and


Dear Spouse,

still brings this up.

Hey,she could walk.

Later most of the

town burned.

I still find entertainment

in earthquakes.

I hear,the Cascadia will destroy

Portland,Seattle and everything else.


Is it gonna rain?


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I hear,the Cascadia will destroy

Portland,Seattle and everything else.


Yeah yeah. Every 300 years, and it's been like 299. I have heard this too. bye-bye me.

We have tsunami warnings. They are rather frightening since they moved the speaker that was by our house and we didn't hear the last one. The earthquake in Eureka last spring. I was a mess by the time we got out of here. They actually announced over the loud speaker (once I zeroed in on it, after a phone call from the neighbor who's house we were supposed to be at) "we are expecting a wave of devastating proportions" HOLY SHIT! They had never said that before. I moved swiftly and without panic ( and I have a panic disorder) in order to get the kitty and the husband into the car. All we took were: a huge flashlight, a quilt, our clothes ( we were in our jammies at the time) and our meds. When we were safely at the top of

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It's raining

it's pouring,

the ativan

had me



also cold as

Hell(for us coastal guys)

And I'm

comfortably Numb.

And finally can see,

those beautiful mountains

(when it's clear)

They have


I always just saw trees

back home.

no Mts Hood,Jefferson,Adams

or St H

No PTSD today


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