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Just saying hi sounds so boring...murr.

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Sign I am potentially manic: taking 20 minutes revising a subject title before I am mildly satisfied with the result.

Anyway. My name is Rachael. I am 26 and so far my brain has been a blessing and a curse. Current diagnosis: Bipolar 1, GAD+panic disorder, seasonal affective disorder, PCOS, mild ADD and executive function disorder. The last two have come within the past six months and are still up in the air.

I was relatively stable for the past 7 years until my world collapsed last year. I went through a very nasty breakup, and in the process lost my apartment (and "custody" of my African Grey parrot, who I considered my child) and my sanity. Hospitalized for the first time since 2001...and had my first actual suicide attempt.

I'm a dog groomer. I love it, but right after I returned from my 6 week "mental vacation", everything there went in the toilet due to changes in management. Now it is a constant source of frustration, and quite frankly, a trigger.

Right now I am on 500mg of Lamictal, 150mg of Wellbutrin XL, 450/600mg of Seroquel XR (currently fine-tuning dose), 120mg of Strattera, .5mg clonazepam PRN, 100mg spironolactone and an oral BCP. I am technically prescribed 10mg of Pexeva, but I am fighting with my psych about this.

Within the past 2-3 weeks I have been completely destabilized. I realize that it probably is my SAD creeping up on me, but life sucks right now. Up down up down and everything in-between.

So hi guys. I am debating starting a blog, either here or tumblr or wordpress or something. That's definitely the mania talking because I have to be at work at 8. So I need to wake up in 8 hours, so I should probably go to bed now. Grr. Okay. I am forcing myself to leave now, but I probably won't sleep for an hour or so. I do have to call my psych to-morrow morning to talk about this rapid cycling. Anyway. Hi again.

OH--warning in advance. I ramble on and on and on without realizing it, both in posts (I have put tl;dr notes on my Facebook statuses before) and when speaking to people in person. Bear with me please? Kay. Leaving now, for reals.

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Hi r13green. Welcome. I'm new to to this site but am finding it very helpful, I tend to ramble on, although a lot of the time it's just in my head to myself. Anyway, enjoy the site. There are a lot of good and knowledgable people around here.

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Welcome to Crazyboards! I hope you do indeed call your pdoc because it sounds like you are circling the drain a bit. I think that happens to a lot of people in the fall, and maybe you can feel better with a med adjustment.

Please be sure to read our rules---they're pretty simple. Also, this site is indexed by Google, so you will want to be aware of that in terms of any identifying information you put in your posts.

Our blog section is very active and it's a good way to get to know the other members. If you read and comment on other people's blogs, they will visit yours and leave comments. I like our blogs because because can be honest about having crappy days or losing their temper with their kids or whatever. We all understand what it's like to have brain cooties, so we try to help each other.

I hope we can help you with information about meds and some support so you can get your life back in a stable place.


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