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Hello everyone,

I'm back after months of wrestling with money and internet issues. I thought I should re-introduce myself due to my long forced absence.

I'm a 30-ish married woman with rapid cycling bi-polar and anxiety issues. Currently I'm on Pristiq (Desvenlafaxine) 50mg in the morning and 150mgs of Seroquel (Quetapine) XR at night for 2 days, then 100mgs Seroquel XR for 2-3 days then rotating back to 150mgs. I've found that 150mgs every day is too sedating.

I also have 2mgs tables of Valium (Diazepam) to use as needed, and I only take 1/2 a tablet 2-3 times a week at most. I've only een prescribed Valium recently and am being careful to keep my dosage low and not all the time.

I've just seen the Dr (GP) again today and he wants to wok with my Shrink to maybe change my mood stabilisers from Seroquel XR to Abilify due to the sedation and weight issues I'm constantly facing.

Even thought I've barel began to touch the surface with mood stabiliers, I''m feeling disheartened because I dislike changing meds (as do most people) and Seroquel did make a difference after a rough start.

Anyways, I'm so sorry to everyone that I couldn't contact you to let you know I was alright, I hope I haven't offened anyone and am back for good now because we finally have an reliable internet connection again!!

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