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Well, It's about time...

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I have been lurking for months, even posted a couple of times. Perhaps I should push past my fears and introduce the person that is me.

I was first hospitalized when I was 18, again at 21, and again three years ago. They say I have depression and anxiety, PTSD, possibly ADHD, and BPD has been mentioned.

I have come a long way. When I was 21, I became agoraphobic. I couldn't even get the mail at the end of the hallway in my apartment building. I was on disability for three years. I have since become functional, have held down jobs, but choose right now to be a stay at home mom.

I have been with my most recent tdoc/pdoc for about a year and like her very much. She is a CNP and prescribes meds, as well as does therapy. I like to have both forms of treatment done by the same person.

Most recently, I have learned that my husband, although not a narcissist, possesses narcissitic traits, many of them. I am struggling right now to figure out where my crazy ends and his begins. It is a difficult situation.

I am just nuts enough to make my life stressful, but not nuts enough for the general public to know that I am nuts.

I enjoy creative activities, although I probably appreciate my creations more than other people.

I love to write, and intend to venture to blog land when my anxiety allows. I do believe that I write well, and others enjoy my writing style.

I fill my days with children, four of them. I had 3 children in a year (twins and one a year later), and that is enough to make even sane people crazy. I guess I like a challenge.

I realize that this site is indexed by google and have read the rules. I have been here a lot. I am the creepy stalker, but have learned a lot by stalking my fellow crazies on this board.

Please be kind, although in the "Crazyboards" way, direct and straightforward. I have a fear of rejection, but can deal with anything if it is laid out on the table in a straightforward way. I am a straightforward person. I will not skirt issues. I say it how it is, almost to a fault.

Thanks for the support, I look forward to participating instead of lurking in the future.


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