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Acer? HP? Lenova? Gateway?

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I must buy a new desktop for work. Mine is basically dead. I was happy with an ACER for 5 years.

Before that I had a Dell which was a bit tempermental. However I like my HP laptop.

I digress.......suggestions for a desktop? I am at the point that I need two monitors for work.

That would make my life easier. And my budget for the computer itself, NOT including monitors,

but just the computer is $500.

Does anyone have a suggestion for me?

or a strong opinion either way?

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Because they are stationary, most desktops are pretty stable and reliable. The biggest issue is generally the processor, or it used to be. The advice I always got was stick with Intel processors and avoid the off-brands. But that was years ago and things have probably changed since then. I'd check cnet for reviews on recent models to see what's what.

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I haven't owned a desktop in years, If I were buying one, I would want one with at least the specs of my laptop, that is to say with an Intel i3,i5 or i7 processor. I agree that brand name in desktops is less important.

Edit: I buy on specs, not on brand name.

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I'm a computer geek myself. (Engineering Technician)

I had a lot of problems when I owned a Dell. I had an Acer netbook and had huge issues uninstalling and reinstalling Windows, no video drivers would work.

I did technical support for an HP printer (hated every second of it) and they do have good support. I've never used an HP.

You can get a perfectly good desktop for $500, less if you have a monitor already. Check local computer stores for sales. Windows 8 is coming out soon and they're going to be dropping prices on their current stock, with Windows 7. I don't know where you're located, but browse computer stores, get their flyers, watch for sales.

I recommend an Intel processor. But $500 is more than enough to get a decent system. Microsoft has a good, free, security system, so you don't need to buy Norton or anything else. (I hate Norton and McAfee)

I can talk computers all day. I've seen laptops with great spec's for $350, brand new. Right now is a good time to buy. And don't let the salesperson talk you into things you don't want or need. They get paid to do that!

ETA: I i was looking at Best Buy's website and the lower end are running around $350-400.

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My hubby has a dell. It works fine. Definitely get a warranty, don't get all the bells and whistle software stuff - it will just slow down your computer. Never ever buy norton. (agree with Sand.) If you are not a computer geek, buy it somewhere you like the service and can bring it back. Most manufacturing issues occur within the few year. DEFINITELY figure out a backup routine. Harddrives can die anytime. If it really saves money, get the monitor separate. But for ease I would buy the best monitor you can afford that comes with the computer. YOu won't have to figure out video card etc. issues. Then just get a used monitor for the second one. Try out the keyboards at the store. Keyboards are important. Or I guess you could just use your old one.

Laptops and desktops are very very different. HP may have an excellent laptop and lousy desktop. Check out the latest reviews on the web.

You are VERY welcome to PM me with questions. Unfortunately I am yet another computer geek extraordinaire.

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ok, my head is swimming

I will read all your posts again later in the day

my son, the techie in Texas

gave me a list of things regarding the processer, the ram,

I think becoming very grown-up and using a good back up is really important

so that is one thing

I have a nice monitor, albeit a little small

I can use mine for email and documents

and the new monitor, which goes with the new computer

for all my adventures on the insurance company web sites

I have to spend a lot of time there getting quotes and things

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I just bought my Dell computer at fry's for $550. It has all the features I want including high ram and a large hard drive You may want to consider buying a Dell. I really love mine. And they are at really good prices right now. I have had zero problems with mine.

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