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Maintenance man coming

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Hey Lilie,

The other Lily here. They're coming to check on my smoke detectors today too. It doesn't bother me at all to have people come into my house--I'd rather be away and let them have at it--but I'm home today.

Probably won't help, but tell yourself that there's another Lily watching the fort for ya today ok? I'll make sure he doesn't take anything, and will let you know if he was hot or not. (g)

It's not a stupid panic at all, but it'll be over before you know it. OK?


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I had not one but three maintenance men come in to check my kitchen exhaust fans (hopefully ignoring dusty range hood and crusty fan blades), closet smoke detector ('excuse me, ma'am, could you move some of your shit out of the way so I can reach into your closet?'), outside fire escape route (hopefully ignoring dusty cat carriers left out on porch since they won't fit inside house unless I use them for coffee tables) and--help us all--the shower exhaust fan (did you know mold comes in orange, too?).

For the record, not one of them could be considered even remotely hot.  Hope your check went well, lilie.

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