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(Whinny) Trazodone horse pills?

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After choking down (and on, nearly causing me to vomit!) another Trazodone pill, the only medication I can truly credit for bringing me out of 12 years of darkness, I'm just wondering if there are any coated or smaller pill formulations out there.  I've been popping pills (just not crazymeds) since I was 8, and this is the first one I've had any trouble with. 

When I started, I got the formulation from Barr Labs, which was uncoated, large, and oval... barely able to swallow that one.  Now all they've got is the formulation from Mutual Pharma, which is huge, round (with sharp edges, like a cylinder), and damn near impossible to choke down.  It doesn't help either that the uncoated formulations dissolve very easily and are obscenely bitter, either!

And nobody around here seems to have brand-name Desyrel! (Though I don't know if even that is easier to get down...)  Any ideas for getting easier-to-take versions of Trazodone?

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I've had trouble with big pills too. I couldn't even swallow pills till i was about 21- ironic huh?

I recall when my trazedone dose was upped- the pills were these monstrous trapezoids! They made me gag.  the only way I found around this was to have my scripts written for lower dose pills and take more of them. ( I used to take four 50 mg tabs)

Good luck!!

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My Trazadone pills are very small.  They're uncoated as well.  What mg are you taking?


Sorry to barge in here...


You have the 50's. The 150's are these huge trapezoids. They are convenient because you can break them into 50's 75's 100's or 150, the whole enchilada.

That's why she's telling her to get the 50's and take 2, 3, 4, whatever you need. I've choked many a time on the 150's. They've got these sharp edges too and can scratch your throat! I find that taking it with a slice of white bread or something helps alot.


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