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Hello, I am new to the group and find it very useful to find people going through similar situations as I. I was initially drawn to the chronic pain boards but when I realized what this site really was about I knew that I found a good place to be. I have been through several spinal procedures and surgeries. I have a fusion in my neck, prodisc in my low back, and a Neurostim in my mid to upper back. I've been dealing with chronic pain since 2007 and since all the procedures I think it has gotten worse from scar tissue. I am on gabapentin 1800mg, tramadol with tylenol all day long, methocabomol 750mg x4, topiramate 100mg x2 for migraines, vicodin for breakthrough medication, vitamin d, meloxicam, and I don't want anything stronger than vicodin!! I have been suffering for so long and it has been breaking me down bit by bit. It has made me realize how I haven't been getting treatment for my anxiety and depression which has mad this a lot worse. I am seeking alternate treatment away from the VA through my privave insurance and hope to get the help I need. This site seems to be a support that would help greatly!

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