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Identifying and reducing the risk of antipsychotic drug interactions

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Oh, ok.  Sorry about that.  Will be more careful next time.

Have you clicked on the link though?  I had looked at the page that comes up if you click on the link, and then you type in the med, then "search."

My opinion of looking at the first page was it is just a drug interaction page, nothing religious about it.  Nothing anti-psychiatry about it (this one page).  Since you brought up that it comes from the CCHR, I do understand that it comes from there, but it doesn't seem to reflect their religious beliefs. (Am I missing something)?

All it comes up with is a place to type in the med, then it comes up with drug interactions.  I understand the wiki link you posted,  but I didn't see anything on the link I'd posted that was anti-psychiatry.  That is why I had posted it, because this thread is about drug interactions.

Again my apologies, but I honestly did not see anything anti-psychiatry about the link I posted.

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