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Okay, Im 23 and live in Norway.

I honestly dont know what this forum is about but gambled that it has something to do with mental "stuff", so I figured I would sign up considering that I am these days shizophrenic.

However if I am wrong and crazyboards is something like wave surfing or something then this will be that last you see of me.

Anyway, I have a wide spectrum of interest, but after my illness came about I have immersed myself in meta physics since my world took a turn for the strange.

Best wishes Skywalker

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Hi, skywalker. This is indeed a place for crazy people. We like to say we are "mentally interesting."

Anyway, we're pretty relaxed but we do have a few rules. If you didn't read the user agreement when you signed up, please read it now:


We're very much in favor of people getting medical treatment and then taking their meds and going to therapy. However, we also think that in order to be a good patient, you have to know enough about your meds to be able to talk to the doctors intelligently. It might be helpful to you to do some reading in the Schizophrenia board to learn more about it.

We have two members from Norway that I know of, so if you need advice negotiating the medical system, let us know.


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Thanks Olga, glad Im not all alone here in big old Norway...

Oh, and yes I do take them drugs...

Im so glad I found this forum, it feels kinda strange when you go around moderating yourself, while all the while people have that strange look saying "your about to say something crazy right?"

No, I havent read the rules yet, but Ill make sure to do it right away, hope I didnt break any just yet :cool:

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