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People Suck


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Lately, my mom has been making me go out and run errands for her. I can't stand going out in public. It is hard for me to deal with people. She also wants me to get a job. The last time I had a job, I ended up in the hopsital due to the anxiety. People cause me anxiety and they make me feel irritable to the point of sometimes feeling suicidal. One time, a woman in a mall cut me off and I ended up screaming in the middle of the mall. Well, seeing many people makes me shut down mentally. I just can't handle it. Now my mom wants me to get another job, which means that I have to deal with sucky people. People are out to piss me off and to get to me. People cut me off. People are very rude and don't care. People piss me off.

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Have you considered the possibility that a different, or another AAP might help you

be more stable? Perhaps there is room for improvement with your treatment

because, really, it would be a shame if you spent your life hiding.

You might want to discuss this with your doctor.

And your mother cannot always be there to care for you.

People can be rude and annoying, but they can also be kind and appreciative.

Are you in therapy in addition to your psychiatrist??

I don't like to be in crowds myself and I stay away from malls.

But the world has a lot to offer besides malls and crowds.

I don't think the world is out to get you.

In fact there could be pleasure and happiness waiting in your future.

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I think if anything helps, more risperdal might work. I have been through latuda, saphris, and abilify. Those didn't work.

In addition to seeing my pdoc, I do go to a day program and I see a therapist there. But I don't like her. She has come close to forcing me into the hospital.

Crowds are tough to deal with. When I see to many people for too long, I shut right down. It is too much for me to handle. Yesterday, I almost harmed myself becuase I have been forced to leave my house every day of the week so far.

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