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checking myself into partial hospitalization tomor

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made an appt. for tomorow morning at 9 to go to to partial treatmnt program. They may keep me in the 24 hour program but I have a kid so I hope not.

I am scared of my pdoc and his wierd ECT happy self so as he does not work there am hoping for better. Hoping for a better dx and rx. They all seem like they are shooting fish in the dark so far, so am scared. Have been declining in terms of depresion over past few months. Pdoc trying all kinds of things.

Anyway...anyone have any experiences with these 9-5 partial programs?



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hey sweets...i don't know about the program you're talking 'bout but i just wanted to tell i'll keep you n your child in my thoughts!!!

hope they can help you n you get the help you deserve!!!

i can't say much more but i know you're scared n i will keep my fingers crossed!!!

flutterfly xo

please post n let me know how it goes

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