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Adhd is a creative gift

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"While the teacher complains that he is spacing out during her presentation on the structure of our government, your child may be generating possible solutions for eliminating wasteful governmental spending."

I live in this parallel universe, so I'll say I generally agree with the latter half of the article.  My browser, for some inexplicable reason, will not load the first page.  Thanks for posting this! 

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Oh crap. I was able to load the first page....

"Typical modes of assessment in the academic world involve being able to repeat small details of abstract processes. This is the most difficult way of learning for children with ADHD."

I could not find better words to describe the problems I had in school. I needed to understand the whole process or none of it made sense to me. I could have cared less about the picky little bull-shit details. I just thought it was because I was a left-handed artist.

"To think daringly original thoughts and to create new ideas or perspectives requires impulsiveness. Impulsiveness is the urge to do things or think things that are new and daring, that fall outside the boring grind of the everyday humdrum. Impulsiveness is the urge to forge ahead into new areas of thought and includes a tendency to be bored with whatever everyone else is doing or thinking. It is a necessary ingredient for forging new ground in any area of study or thought.

Distractibility is the tendency to shift one's attention to other arenas. It is the opposite of a horse with blinders plodding along carefully in the path determined by his master. In contrast, people who are distractible will pay attention to thoughts, feelings, or events in the environment that seem to call out to them. They cannot focus because they are enchanted with other aspects of their experience. This is also an essential aspect of creativity, which often manifests in the mixing together of ideas from different domains that seem separate or irrelevant to each other."

Distractible, Impulsive...humm..my two middle names ;)

". Your child has the potential for excellence if he can learn to apply discipline to paying attention to details and following through in translating his imaginative flights into completed projects."

Hell, I am 42 and STILL working on this.

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