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She's Just Gone

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Today at 3 a.m. I found out that one of my best friends, also my ex-girlfriend, had passed away of an accidental drug overdose. I've been crying all day but it's still not real, I'm expecting someone to tell me that it's just a fucked up joke and they were lying. That she's not dead.

I always loved her and I always will, you never really stop loving someone.

She had MI and I knew since I first met her there was a possibility that this could happen, MI and addictions don't go well together. I wanted to see her succeed, and you know, be adults together (we're 21.)

The worst part is, we were making plans two days before. If I had gone THAT DAY I could have seen her one last time, but I didn't because I'm usually too anxious to go out, ever.

Please, can anyone tell me what helped them when they lost someone important in their lives?

And what is the proper way to go about offering condolences to her mother? We had a good relationship when I was more involved in my late friend's life. I feel like I should wait at least a few days, but also to bring her comfort food.

Sorry if my post is inappropriate or something, not really in a good state of mind right now.

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Grieving is hard, especially at your young age. First and foremost, I think you need to take care of yourself. Resist any urges to abuse alcohol or other drugs during this period.

If you have spiritual beliefs, I would encourage you to drawn from those. If not, remember that we are all here for a short time. It is a shame that your friend's time was not longer.

Take strength and give strength with your mutual friends.

Taking comfort food to the mother is a very nice gesture. I would simply tell the mother the fondest things you felt about your friend, her best qualities.

Again, take care.

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You don't have to wait with the comfort food. If you can make her a casserole or something, label it with cooking instructions and the ingredients (so many people have food allergies) and put it in an aluminum pan that's disposable so she won't have to return it. Take it over as soon as you can---she probably has a lot of people coming by and it's great to offer food to share.

My boyfriend died when I was 19 and he was 20. I talked to his mother early on and just said how sorry I was and what a special young man he was. A month or so later, when I could think more clearly, I wrote a letter to her. I didn't want her to think that she was responsible in any way, and a lot of mothers blame themselves when their children die. In the letter, I talked about how much he loved his mom, and all the nice things he had told me about her. I related to her childhood memories that he told me about, and happy things like the year he got a bicycle for Christmas, etc. She wrote back and said that my letter was a tremendous comfort to her.

So maybe you could write down some memories of your friend, and share them with her mother at a later date. I'm sure the poor woman is in shock right now, so I would wait with it for some weeks.

If you have any mutual friends, maybe you could call one of them or send a text and talk about your ex-gf. It's very helpful to talk with someone when your grief is so new and painful.

Please also consider writing a blog here at CB. Lots of people read the blogs and some will respond to your posts. It might help you to write down something about when you met her, and what she was like, and why you loved her.

I am very sorry that you've lost your friend. You are correct that MI and misusing drugs is a deadly mixture.


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So very sorry for your loss.

I can't add anything to the strategies that Olga and Will haven't already mentioned.

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I lost my best friend almost 6 months ago, she died unexpectedly and her cause of death was never determined. I had spoken to her on the phone a few days before she passed. I wish I could offer you some advice but I'm still reeling from the loss of my friend, she was only 31. I know what you mean about expecting the whole thing to be a joke, sometimes it still doesn't feel real that she's gone. I'm sorry for what you're going through, it know it sounds like a cliche but grief does get better with time. Olga had some great advice, I was able to find comfort in my other friends who were also close with her and it was comforting to be around people who were going through the same thing.

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Thank you everyone for your replies. Olga and Will, I am going to try what you've suggested, it's been a weird week for sure.

I've got a crazy appetite, I think I've been substituting real self-care with food.

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This is saddening.

I have lost very good friends to different things... genetic illnesses, drunk drivers...

I think the hardest losses are ones where you feel like something could have been done.

Just please, don't blame yourself, give yourself some extra love and care... don't rush grieving...

If you find yourself really anxious or upset... do something relaxing or comforting... light a candle.... take a shower...

Share the good times with people. Don't feel guilty for laughing or crying.

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      I've been depressed and have experienced suicidal thoughts for a long time. I've tried to kill myself multiple times but I've stopped from actually doing it because I fear death. I've always have since the very beginning.
      I don't know how I feel about religion. I don't know which side I should join. I don't want to kill myself because I fear the idea of "oblivion" and nonexistence. The idea of "being asleep" forever without dreaming (Or how else someone might describe it) fears more than anything else. I want to die, but I want to exist too. Call me wishy washy because I am. Whenever someone talks about why they choose to live it's always something like family and responsibility but I simply have little to no connection with anything in the world. It's selfish, I know but I feel kinda alone and left out that apparently no one else I know has the same motivation as me for noting choosing to die.
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      I don't yet have a BPD diagnosis but I am very sure that I have it and that I was misdiagnosed as bipolar 2 or that I have SAD or bipolar 2 in addition to BPD and ADHD I. Reading the criteria for borderline personality disorder explained so much about my life and I fit 7 of them for sure. I would appreciate any responses if anyone has experienced similar because I'm just wondering if this is something way beyond what a borderline person might experience or if it is something that could be part of splitting. These fantasies are about the same guy that I put on a pedestal and gush about endlessly at other moments.
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      My mom died recently. She was young; I am still in my twenties and she was in her fifties. She was my best friend.
      There's a quote or something (or I possibly made it up, who knows) about how when someone dies, for the rest of your life they will only be further away. I can't deal with that.
      She was my best friend. And she died so painfully, so horribly, so needlessly.
      I am beginning to cry a little writing this. Sometimes I feel like sleepwalking. Sometimes I think I'll hear her voice and I'll look up and she'll still be there. But she never is.
      She was gentle, beautiful, sweet, unassuming, generous, strong, and selfless. She was everything I have tried (and failed) to be. She loved life more than anyone I ever met. When I was psychotic for four months she took care of me without an ounce of selfishness. She loved people more than anything, more than anyone.
      I didn't get a chance to say good-bye. 
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      Perceiving value in your life is not a thought form of perception (awareness) at all. Rather, it is an emotional awareness. In other words, our emotions do not have some sort of mind control effect on us where they force us to perceive, through our thinking, our lives being good or bad to us. It is purely the emotions themselves that allow us to see values in our lives. Emotions are actually a sense like sight. They allow us to see the values that things and situations hold in our lives. It is only our positive emotions that allow us to see the positive qualities of life (i.e. the good values) while it is only our negative emotions that allow us to see the negative qualities of life (i.e. the bad values). Having neither positive nor negative emotions would be no different than a blind person. No value judgment can allow this blind person to see just as how no value judgment or mindset can allow us to see the values in our lives.
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      My partner died 3 months ago of a heroin overdose. It was extremely traumatic, as you can imagine. He is not my first partner to pass away in this manner. He and I unfortunately only got to be together for 3 months and it was unlike any relationship I had ever had. I let my guards down and allowed myself to be loved and I truly loved him. Our relationship was amazing until he relapsed. It was recognized to me by many people after he died that our relationship was very unique and that not many people get to have something like that ever. He was my soul mate. I was with a man for 5 years and never felt that kind of connection.
      His death has left a void. I acted recklessly, hooked up with people, reached out to people who didn't respect or care about me, and of course never felt connected (obviously unhealthy behavior).
      I was also sexually assualted by someone I really trusted just a month after his death and am in the process of court cases.
      But I met this guy and it was weird. He's perfect and has been wonderful and understanding in the short time we've been involved, but it hasn't been very long since my partner's death. I've questioned all of my motivations as well as his and feel insecure, but ultimately we have genuine well-intentioned feelings for each other. I worry I need more time alone, but he makes me feel happy in the capacity that another person is able and we have a wonderful thing going.
      Now I feel extremely guilty. Every time I realize I'm happy, I just stop and feel overwhelming guilt.
      I also have developed incredibly low self esteem since my partner died. It is so hard for me to accept that this man is genuine and cares and desires me and isn't just going to abandon me as soon as open up and I trust him.
      I feel conflicted. I want this. I do. And he knows what's going on and has been completely accepting of me. He even is willing to go slow and give me space to grieve. But I feel like I'm abandoning my dead partner even though in reality he abandoned me.
      Feedback, love, and support would be great.
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