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What I Know About Who I Am *Maybe TW*

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Hello everyone,

I've been around this forum for ages, just scoping it out and never posting... Official n00b here.

Aside from physical health problems, my craziness has... I don't remember not being crazy. In the sense of kind of always being terribly pessimistic and dark, kind of fed up of this world, I don't know, along with having a sense that somehow everyone's going to hate me already. I kind of am in awe if they don't, though I'm supposedly 'popular'. Somewhere along the line, I stopped believing I was a human. I don't think I'm a human, sort of. I look like one, but feel like I don't think like one or really like humans very much.

I officially became crazy earlier this year when I realised that all day suicidal thoughts weren't normal (in retrospect, haha). Three months or so of solidly sitting indoors, sleeping weird hours, eating loads, wishing I was dead, sometimes self injuring, made me eventually see a doctor.

Finally I got diagnosed with depressive disorder not otherwise specified by a GP. I deferred university but I only have work and exams left so no real reason to go back.

I got put on fluoxetine, but it didn't somehow help me much. It also totally wiped me out for a couple of weeks. I am not longer taking it.

I saw a psychiatrist once, but she didn't find anything except 'moderate' depression. And maybe brain damage. I thought it was an odd thing to say since I've been tested a lot (physical health stuff) but she must have had something in mind, I suppose. I was advised by a GP not to pursue this line of enquiry unless I didn't mind getting upset (I was kind of upset that it was 'obvious' to her, enough to say that after one hour of meeting me [she didn't actually tell me that to my face, only in letter form]). The psychiatrist told me to take citalopram, but I don't take it.

I don't know if I'm keeping myself in this mindset because I'm in the middle of nowhere with no friends. I only talk to my family, more or less. I sometimes drink a lot. I can't feel motivation to do anything. I can still do most of the minimally strenuous things required by my life (no job / no responsibilities / no urgency), but I don't know where the line is. Mostly I feel really bad, my emotions are really reactive and I still sometimes self injure.

I think my parents think that psych meds make you fat and slow, but not necessarily better. I don't want to disappoint them, in a way, by taking them. I would like to think that if I got myself here, to this crazy, I can get myself away from it, but in a sense I don't know where it starts and I end, so I don't know if I can do that. In my unprofessional opinion, I think I might have something more, but I'm trusting it will be found, because self diagnosis isn't always a good idea.

Sorry for the essay.

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Hi and welcome aboard! We look forward to you posting. Psych meds can be a big help if you find the right ones. They sure beat suffering. If your parents love you, I'm sure they would understand.

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Hello Sir, glad you're here! I'm quite new also :) It's a friendly and solid place to be. I agree with the prior post, finding the right meds can drastically change your world and quality of life. It's well worth trying at least. You'll have all the support you need here.

Look forward to reading more of your posts! ;)

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    • By Adolf
      "Best" as in being effective with fewer side effects. Which ones were the best for you? Which ones did you take? What condition(s) did you treat? What side effects did you get? How did the antipsychotics compare to "conventional" antidepressants?
      Can antipsychotics be an alternative to "conventional" antidepressants? What are the risks? What are the benefits? Do they make you a tomato with time? Psychiatrists prescribe them more often in recent times, it seems.
    • By Blahblah
      Have a strong itch to drop Effexor...(I won't go cold turkey). It stopped my dysphoric crying spells, but now, 10 months later, I'm feeling increasingly flat, apathetic, numb, no motivation (even after dropping to 75mg). I hate how all A/Ds have this lobotomy effect on me longterm. It's initially fine in acute episodes, I'm not sad now, but I can't function properly, and I continue to score Moderate-Severe on the depression scale.
      I think it's counteracting my Ritalin (which I increased to 30-40mg)? I don't want to increase Effexor above 150mg, I'd never be able to go off.
      I'm trying dosing at night instead, will this make any difference @mikl_pls ? I skipped yesterday's morning dose (then came the intense nausea, over stimulation & brain slosh awfulness @10 hours later) and I took my dose with dinner.
      I'm seriously considering going on low-dose mild SSRI instead (Prozac?) I'm sensitive to meds & side effects, and I'm also VERY worried about withdrawals. Especially from Effexor, they are the WORST, and I just read study that Effexor withdrawal syndrome is not dose-dependent:
    • By Blahblah
      Forgot to take Lamictal yesterday (I took my other meds). Holy Hell, I took my dose today (on schedule) and I STILL feel awful!!  I've only been on 100mg....I thought Lamictal had a super-long half-life? Yesterday went like this:
      10am - up, had breakfast
      11am – slight Brain “swishes” started (was out the entire day)
      12pm – Stronger Brain zaps start
      1:30pm – Lunch (meat, salad/veg)
      2:30pm – Sudden extreme exhaustion
      4pm - more brain zaps =>  ZAP ZAP ZAP! 🤯
      7pm - Irritability starts
      11pm – Tea, bedtime, could not fall asleep (I haven't had insomnia in 2+ years)
      ...Night sweats…Restless legs.....
      12am – Ruminations, feel weepy
      ..Insomnia ensues…(Toss & turn, sweaty/achey all night)
      It's now 12pm,and I am STILL having brain zaps! I worry I’ll never be able ever taper, switch from, or withdraw from this med. You probably think well, with MI, WHY would you ever go off it? For me, longterm, these meds are band-aids. There is always a price.  Ok, maybe great at preventing acute/severe depression, but as a result, they rob me of any spark, joy, elation, happiness, libido, sexual sensation/response, feelings of reward, love.... This disturbs me. I used to know what positive emotions felt like…
      So I’m stable, existing.....but still lacking will or any interest in living....
    • By Blahblah
      Good God, my habitual oversleeping is worsening.....I literally cannot get up before 11am. I know this is probably due to the fact that yes, I'm depressed and do not have anything of purpose at the moment to wake up for.....PLUS winter weather that's dark as Hell.....PLUS on a stupid stimulant break, until I can get in to see pdoc in 5 days.
      Are there any other tactics you've used?? I'm going to bed same time every night (by 11pm). I sleep really well entire night. WTF.
      I tried a sunlamp thing in the past and it made me headachey & irritable. Even when I go for walks during the day, it doesn't help.
    • By Blahblah
      Starting this thread because boredom, idleness, lack of stimulation is often a key trigger of depression and bad habits. When I get bored, I feel an emptiness, uselessness and physical/mental lethargy, cue ruminations, then I sleep excessively. This isn't always fatigue: It's an automatic (and very negative) avoidance behavior.
      This link lists 150 ideas (from high effort to minimal effort - from "fun" to mundane) in order to build healthier habits. I need to stop waiting to "feel good" before taking any action. Any thoughts?
      Today, I:
      Journaled, Cleaned my desktop, Backed up computer, unsubscribed to some junk email, Did some stretching, called a relative, dealt with an admin issue, read some blogs about depression, provided some words of support/appreciation for someone.
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