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Wondering whether anyone has had issues with urinary retention on the SSRI's. I mean complete retention....catheter and all. Most recently the problem has moved beyond the SSRI's and has happened if my dose of Wellbutrin exceeds 300mg. Full work up and tests by urologist confirm normal anatomy, no problems there...all drug related.

Meds I've had retention with







Wellbutrin above 300mg

Think that's all of them...but I may have lost track of a few...there have been many.

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It's not just ssri's; add strattera to the list.

A whole shitload of men my age have problems peeing anyway. And there were other factors (steroid therapy, high altitude--you just can't easily find anyone who knows both the psychmed  stuff and the high altitude stuff). I had just increased the strattera (to 20 mg/day), and man! i needed to pee all the time, and couldn't. Incovenient, uncomfortable, couldn't sleep, embarrassing; I didn't actually get catherized, but I was starting to think I wouldn't mind it.

Well, returning to flatland and getting of the steroid (famous for messing chemistry up) helped some, but I had to be off strattera for a while, so the add drove me and everyone around me up the wall. 

But then there was Flomax. I can pee! I can pee! I can pee!

And take strattera, for me one of the best drugs ever, again.

hope you find something that works as well for you.


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