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Introducing myself

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hi sandraG,

hi and welcome to the boards. sorry to pounce, but i just have no life so i hang out here.

i've never been on zyprexa but i like the beach too. i'm on the same coastline, just a little ways further north.

i hope you find the info you need. you might check out crazymeds.us to see what info jerod (the mad lord and founder of this site) has collected on it.

take care,


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I have an electronic drum kit. It's a Pintech kit with a Roland brain. I am also really into hand drumming with timbales, congas and bongos.

My husband and I have our own little 2 piece band (and NO, we aren't copying the White Stripes--we did it first!) :-)

Hi, Sandra!

What kind of drumming do you do?

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Hey SandraG,

Welcome. Cool that youre a musician. I used to play bass, too.

Hope you find what you need here. Most of us are super nice and very willing to help.

I've never been on zyprexa, either, but you may have gotten your answers already!

Stick around, make yourself at home.


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