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Now I know that it appears Wellbutrin has 'normalised' something in my metabolism and body chemistry, including normalising my saliva and mucus (which in the past was clogging up my sinuses chronically).

But now it appears that for the first time in what seems like forever (pre-teens at least), my inexplicable immunity to insect bites, especially flea bites (and we had proper flea problems a few years back, my partner was bitten to shreds!), seems to have vanished alongside the more positive chemistry changes ;)

Yesterday I had an itchy bump on my foot, that looked like a bite but I thought "NO can't be, I nver ever get them!".

Then I had another this morning on my elbow and thought "Oh no, perhaps that is an allergic reaction to the Wellbutrin!". But they looked like proper bites and nothing like hives - then I got to work and a bloody flea leaps out of my clothes and right onto my keyboard... so it looks like they were bites after all.

Anyone else got weird body chemistry changes (back to what seems 'normal' to most people) after starting on ADs, especially Wellbturin?

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