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Sorry if this a repeat of getting pregnant or not but...

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So. Not been here a while, had meds which "worked", personal circumstances were stable, but now it's all up in the air.

Basically, when on meds which worked, felt well, wanted what has always bothered me while bringing my last daughter up... that I couldn't deal with the idea that this was the last time I do this or that, the last time I change nappies or teach things, the last time I feed a baby, the last time I feel my baby move inside me, the last time I take my baby to playgroup, the last chance to be a mum in the way I was at the time.

Come off seroquel for BP and sertraline for depression, to get pregnant, now feel like that's the biggest mistake ever.

More to say, but not ready to go there in detail yet, Kinda thinking I should've waited a bit to say more of what I feel, but a start is a start.

Will be seeing a doc, if only a general family doc, soon. Know I need to, just wanted to mark this point of change in how I feel by posting something, cos it's the only real perspective I have in the long run.

Thanks if you read this, and sorry I am not able to help anyone else right now.


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Rather than stopping all your meds, have you considered trying some of the ones that appear to be okay when pregnant? You didn't specify your flavor of BP but I believe Lamictal is supposed to be one of the better meds when your pregnant. Could you talk to your pdoc and maybe work on getting you stable on some other meds? Stopping completely doesn't sound like it's working very well for you.

I wasn't on meds when pregnant. It was hard. Really hard. I probably shouldn't have done it. I mean, I managed but I shouldn't have been so stubborn. I should have gotten meds. I sometimes wonder if my being unstable when pregnant is responsible for some of the issues my kids have. Then again, I'm a mom. I worry that everything I do is harming my kids in some way. That sort of goes along with being a mom in general. At least for me.

I'm very familiar with the feelings you talk about. All the last time things. Sooner or later, it's going to happen. It'll be the last. Savor the times you have now. Cherish the snuggles and all the wonderful things there are about having kids.

Anyway, talk to your pdoc. Work out a plan.

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I was undiagnosed when I was pregnant with each of my children. I had some rough patches, but for me, things got really hard postpartum.

But I did it without medicines, so don't ever feel its completely impossible to have another baby. M

The other poster was right - there are several meds you can take while pregnant. For BP. I'd head down to the pregnancy board and create a post there and read all of the pinned topics. There is a lot of useful information there.

You will likely need the advice and support of a pdoc and a high risk (or a very knowledgable) OB/GYN that know about your medication options and can work with you throughout your pregnancy.

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Last time I tried to access this site it was completely down and there was some crap about it being totally done. That was years ago, and I just by chance googled and found it's still here. I'm in a totally different place now, and I want to thank everyone who helped me. I now have completely different rubbish to deal with, but I'm glad this community is still thriving. Love to all xxx

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