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My husband

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I realize I am not exactly a joy to live with, but he is getting upset with me for dumb reasons.  Example:  I was getting something down from a basket that was on top of the refrigerator.  When the whole thing started to fall, I went into emergency mode and screamed, "Help, help!".  He got mad at me for overreacting and blamed my disease.  He also has been complaining to his mother about me (she is currently staying with us).  He deliberately provoked me by jumping up and startling me, then criticized me for over reacting.

Hello, you can't say you support me and understand my illness then take it back with your actions.

It's not like I'm raging, or out spending money, or causing any problems in any part of our lives.  I'm just a little twitchy and hypersensitive from a sensory standpoint.  And I can't help that!  I don't  need him to talk about me when I'm practically right in the room to his mother, or deliberately provoke me then complain about my reaction. 

Would he tease me with sweets if I were diabetic?  If I had low blood sugar attacks that made me act all freaky?  Probably not.

And so the stigma of mental illness still reigns supreme in my house.

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Saying you understand and actually understanding can be 2 different things. He is obviously acting out. He might not be as OK about this as he wants to be or wants you to believe.

Regardless of the cause, he is acting like a prick.

I DO understand where he is coming from. I have been in his shoes. But he needs to take care of this in a way that doesn't undermine your stability. Bitching to his mother and tormenting you is not going to achieve anything.

Print out my post and staple it to his forehead.

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