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Hi all! New member here. I've been having some serious trouble from what I can only assume is my Abilify, and am hoping I can find some similar experiences here.

I've been taking it (2mg) since April of this year. When I first started it, by the next morning, I was wide awake and fully energized between 6-7am. This continued until August no matter how much/little sleep I'd gotten the night before. I really enjoyed it and it also helped with my MDD (rx in signature).

Since August, I've been having difficulties keeping a normal sleep cycle. It started out with me not being able to get tired until later and later, and when I woke up it was nearly impossible to get out of bed; not because of my depression, but because of being so exhausted. In September, I found that I was able to go to sleep at a reasonable hour with the help of diphenhydramine, but even after getting 8 hours of rest, I still literally couldn't get out of bed sometimes. I basically felt like I'd just taken a 2 hour nap, which (for me) always make me feel more tired when I wake up than I did before the nap.

For the past 2-3 weeks, I haven't been able to get to sleep until 5-6am. I went to my psychiatrist last Tuesday and told her about all of this, but she didn't seem to think that the sleep problems and the Abilify were linked. She prescribed me Trazodone and thus far, it's been very hit or miss. I feel relaxed when I take it, but often not tired at all or enough to sleep. I've never had trouble like this before in my entire life, and the only thing I can think of is that it's the medication since it had the opposite effect in the beginning.

I have stopped taking the Abilify as of last week (on my own accord for the sleep troubles and for the fact that it costs $600) and am still wired all through the night even with the Trazodone. I'm wondering if it's because it may take up to a month to completely get out of my system (opinions?). Has anyone else experienced this trouble?

Thanks so much!

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I went to my psychiatrist last Tuesday and told her about all of this, but she didn't seem to think that the sleep problems and the Abilify were linked.

I took Abilify a few years ago and had a similar problem. My sleep cycle was all messed up. I was too awake and agitated, couldn´t sleep at night and was sleepy all day. I couldn´t keep my eyes opened. I even started getting auditory hallucinations after many days without sleeping. I didn´t like that med at all.

Meds can affect people differently.

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The point is, you took it for many months without severe sleep disruptions, making it unlikely to be the culprit. Not to mention, you are still having the same problem even after you stopped it. So Abilify does not correlate with your insomnia at all.

Please let your pdoc know that you stopped part of your cocktail immediately. You should have called your pdoc before making changes, some meds have serious withdrawal effects. Abilify had the worst withdrawal effects of any med I have taken, and I only took it a couple of months.

If you are adamantly opposed to the treatment this pdoc has prescribed you, either work with him to change it, or find another one. Being dishonest with your pdoc isn't going to help.

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Abilify has a really long half-life and therefore is much easier to discontinue than other meds that have a shorter half-life. From the PI, "The mean elimination half-lives are about 75 hours and 94 hours for aripiprazole and dehydro-aripiprazole, respectively." What this means is that Abilify (aripiprazole) has a half-life of about 75 hours and the active metabolite (dehydro-aripiprazole) has a half-life of 94 hours. So, yeah, if you've been taking it for months, it'll take a long time to get it out of your system. Not a month though.

I'm curious, if you thought it was Abilify that was making you unable to sleep, why didn't you just take it in the morning?

The few times I've tried Trazodone, I've found that the first few days were ok. Not great but not bad either. A few days into it and I start getting a hungover type of feeling. Like I could never completely wake up. I quit taking it because I like to be awake during the day.

I hope you figure out what the problem is but I'm with your pdoc, it is very unlikely that your problems are from Abilify.

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Thanks for all of your replies, all! I forgot to clarify that I always took it in the morning, along with all of my other meds (sans the Trazodone). I see my psych again next week, so I will let her know that I've quit taking the Abilify and am still having problems.

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    • By Isaiah2017
      I'm having a hell of a hard time and experiencing rather weird symptoms. Whether they've anything to do with Mirtazapine (Remeron) is something that I strongly feel but can't quite convince any doctor of.   I was put on 15 mg of it in spring 2015 for depression and a severe insomnia - I hadn't slept an hour like since 25 nights back then! The benefits showed immediately within a day and surprised myself and my family. I would sleep well and be in a very happy and cheerful mood.   Then however, from summer 2016 I developed some strange food intolerances; caffeine, sugar, fruits containing high amounts of fructose, yoghurt, butter and so on. Eating anything of that would cause me jitteriness and insomnia. I steered clear of those foods.   From autumn last year though, a lot of those food intolerances have relented and it changed into intolerance towards medicines and supplements that I was on; the thyroid medicine for hypothyroidism, Vitamin D, Calcium, Vitamin E and could never again tolerate any new medicine or supplement. Symptoms resulting from these are, again, jitters, insomnia and a strange kind of feeling of being struck on the head, like I can't hear anything and the thinking becomes very unclear and blurred. Coupled with this is a weird sensation that if a medicine has any potential side-effect (even physical, such as urine retention), I get it at all costs. So I'm steering clear of the culprits here too.   However, avoiding the culprits doesn't end my misery, it just helps in avoiding a whole new set of symptoms, because since autumn 2016 I'm under constant brainfog anyway, have heart palpitations immediately after every meal (but worst after breakfast), have concentration and focus issues, lead a life without any hobbies, wishes or desires. Nothing excites me, nothing interests me and nothing catches my attention. Leave tasks pending for months (the most unlike me habbit), have badly lost my sense of humour. My sense of humour was something that I literally used to pride on, and friends from around the world would call me to fresh up if they were having a dull day. My mind feels numb, although it isn´t as if it´s the sedating effect of the Mirtazapine because 90% percent of the nights I don´t sleep well, and on a lot of nights I feel as if I´m asleep with an awake mind!   The GP who put me on it considered it to be just the effects of anxiety and depression and recommended the doubling of the dose to 30 mg. When I contested that, given that I´ve my doubts of a lot of these issues being brought upon by Mirtazapine itself, she referred me to a psychiatrist. He too strongly denies of Mirtazapine having any hand to play on it and instead thinks it´ll be best to combine it with another antidepressant for day-time.   He put me on Paroxetine, boom, a flood of side-effects! Then changed to Fluoxetine (Prozac) - third day on it and having weird feelings. The heart poundings are one and is in fact making me very depressed and hopeless!
    • By argh
    • By thoughtcrime
      So, I was extremely depressed in January after tapering off all my meds on my own (stupid). My doctor put me back on Wellbutrin, and we decided to try Prozac as an SSRI. The Prozac wasn't kicking in and I learned about the GeneSight genetic test for antidepressants. I asked for and had the task done. They never sent me a copy of the results.
      After a month on the Prozac and no help, I also asked to go up from 300mg Wellbutrin XL to 450mg, and that seemed to help. I had an appointment mid-April and was mostly feeling better. He decided to keep me where I was at. I forgot to ask about the GeneSight results.
      I generally feel good during the week but am miserable on the weekends. I generally lay in bed all day feeling depressed, binge eat, try and sleep as much as possible. I don't know if this is something that can be fixed with medication or if it is purely behavioral. My therapist suggests making plans for the weekend ahead of time and trying to make my weekends structured.
      I finally got around to sending the doc a message on the patient portal asking about the GeneSight results. He responded that the report showed all my meds were good for me except Prozac. The test recommends Lexapro or Zoloft instead. He did not say anything about changing the Prozac.
      For three days I have been trying to make an appointment to see the doctor. If I call I'm on hold for 10 minutes before leaving a message. I've also tried requesting an appointment with the patient portal. Nothing. So, I'm thinking about just messaging the doc (since I know he responds) and mention the problems I'm having on the weekends as well as concerns I have about staying on Prozac. I want to know if I should switch, or if I should just stay where I'm at since I'm basically doing good except no motivation and very depressed on the weekends.
      What do you all think I should do? Ask the doctor online about switching, keep trying to make an appointment, or just try and add structure to the weekends and see if I can get by without a med change?
      Current meds (all generic):
      Wellburtrin XL: 450mg
      Prozac: 20mg
      Seroquel: 200mg
      trazodone: 400mg
      hydroxyzine: 25mg 3x daily P.R.N.
    • By CrazyCatLady83
      I started process of switching from Cymbalta to Remeron on March 25, and took my last dose of Cymbalta a few days ago. Other than a few days of extreme irritability, things have been going surprisingly smoothly. Except that I can't sleep. Not really. I'm rapid-cycling between moments of being awake and instantly dreaming as soon as I close my eyes. The waking moments seem precipitated by startling effects in the dream state, that usually have nothing to do with the content of the dream itself. The worst of these is the sudden sensation of being physically attacked by an evil presence. It seems to take me a little bit longer to wake up during these instances. Or at least that's how I perceive it.
      How much of this is potentially the residual Cymbalta withdrawal effects, and how much of this is the "strange or unusual dreams" listed as a possible side effect of the Remeron? 
      And more importantly, how long can I expect this to last? If you experienced disturbed dreams while on Remeron, how long did it last for you, and did it turn out to be a deal breaker?
    • By Blahblah
      Anyone been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome? I feel like maybe my symptoms are not due to depression. I do not want to start more meds because they don't solve the root problem. My mood is stable.
      Symptoms: I lay in bed for hours, everything is draining, exhausting despite sleeping 10+ hours every night....Brain Fog....Moving Slow like I'm carrying lead.....Dry eye syndrome (I have RX for this)....Dry itchy skin (I have RX lotion for this)...Cold feet.....Low Blood pressure.....
      I want to pursue other medical tests to rule out other causes. Tests so far:
      Thyroid + antibodies (normal)
      Vitamin D & Folate (normal after supplementation)
      Iron (normal- but slightly low end)
      Nutrition (I eat protein daily, healthy diet, avoid sugar)
      I know I need to exercise again, but lately due to this lethargy I am really struggling to even shower and cook... it's totally debilitating.
      My GP suggested maybe a Sleep test (although I don't snore in sleep). I will be getting some Cardio function tests. I'm ordering a sun lamp. is there anything else I could get checked out?
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