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Hi All,

I am on my 5th med try since July as the side effects have been horrific or the drugs didn't work. I have tried Invega, Geodon, Abilify, Latuda...and now Fanapt.

I had posted on here regarding Latuda and got great feedback so I thought I'd ask about Fanapt.

If you've taken it, what has your experience been with:

a. weight

b. energy levels

c. overheating from exercise

d. overall mood(any flat affect, etc)

Thanks so much!

P.S. This trial and error bs is EXHAUSTING. I'm damn near fed up.

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I take 4 mgs of fanapt--a pretty low dose. So far, it's been weight neutral for me. I'm having some issues with energy, but that may not be due to this particular medication. I don't exercise, so I'm not sure about overheating on it. I don't have any flat effect from it like I have had with other drugs. For me, this is the only AAP I'm on, and so far, it seems to be effective.

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Just out of curiosity what went wrong with the latuda? I remember you posting about it.

Anyways, I've been on 12mg of fanapt and I couldn't stand the slow titration because I needed something RIGHT AWAY for severe symptoms. So I had to go off of it in favor of a faster acting and faster titration med. So I never gave it a long enough shot. But like I said I was in crisis and needed something ASAP.

I hoe it works well for you!

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I was on fanapt for about I month and a half, it made me hav e some mouth movements (my mouth would just open up and stay open, couldn't keep it closed fo long).I also had restles legs and arms and would tremble sometimes and sometimes get blurry vision.I would still hear voices twice a week for about 2 days at a time, but they were always mild to moderate. No weight gain though. I am on abilify for 2 weeks and so far no voices. Thank God! Hope fanapt works for you

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    • By SheltieUnderdog
      Speech in general has always been a little bit of an issue for me. I did see a speech pathologist in the past but I was about 12 and didn't care much to benefit from it then. Just for the record, I have always noticed that my speech is much sharper when I'm not taking antipsychotic medications. Strangely enough, I seem to speak the most clearly right before I have a relapse and I am becoming manic. Almost every antipsychotic I have taken has had a negative reaction on my speech but never as much as the most recent, Fanapt. I was recently switched from Latuda 20mg to Fanapt 6mg (once daily) to suppress akathisia. At first everything seemed fine and the akathisia which was a longtime battle of mine was tapering down just slightly on the Fanapt. Then a few weeks settle in and I start feeling like I've been hit by an 18-wheeler upon waking up and just overall sedated and "spaced out". I am forgetting things, mostly short-term memory loss. A few days ago I went into a retail pharmacy to buy a few specific things, walked inside the sliding doors and completely forgot what I walked inside for a few second, although I did ultimately remember a few minutes later. Not just this but I also seem to have developed blurred vision and can absolutely not drive or operate a vehicle on this medication.
      Additionally my speech is completely shot and disorganized almost half the time. My speech patterns at times are almost like someone who is borderline cognitively impaired yet my IQ is in the 101-109 range (I am average). I'm forgetting words that once came easily to me and have to scan my brain hard for them, sometimes for over 10 minutes. Usually I know what I want to say but it either doesn't come out right or I just can't get it out in words. It's extremely frustrating and it's causing depression and I've threatened suicide to family and friends yet backed off that is how bad its become. I just want my ability to speak normally to be returned to me. I am coming off the Fanapt but would like to be given some suggestions as to what steps I should take to rehabilitate my speech and what medications are not disabling for someone's speech or what medications could counteract disorganized speech. My current psychiatrist is unsympathetic and doesn't care. And my initial question is can Fanapt cause a speech impediment?
    • By Swamp56
      My doctor and I have been trying out Fanapt and have finally gotten up to the max therapeutic dose of 24mg and I'm curious to hear about other people's experiences with this med.
      I haven't really been able to gauge its efficacy given that I'm concurrently taking 600mg of Seroquel. My doctor's plan has been to lower the Seroquel in batches at this point. I've noticed some sexual side effects, dizziness after standing, trouble with disorganized thinking / verbalization, and I've had periods of complete flatness with regard to mood and affect, though this and the speech issues could be from being on so much medication.
    • By jcool
      Hi I am a 21-year-old girl, and I experienced a psychotic
      break back in the beginning of September when I was still 20.  I was diagnosed with drug-induced
      psychosis.  I am now on the
      anti-psychotic Fanapt (4mg/day) and the anti-depressant Lexapro (15mg/day).

      I first started smoking when I was in high school, the
      summer into my sophomore year.  I
      only smoked about once a week throughout high school, but I preferred drinking
      over smoking.  This continued when
      I began college, where I rarely smoked weed my freshman year and instead got
      drunk multiple times per week.  The
      summer into my sophomore year of college, I began smoking weed about every day
      (I was influenced by friends and a guy) and I experienced my first acid trip at
      a Phish concert.  I had an
      incredibly wonderful time as I was with my two best friends and my guy.  Later that summer I tripped on acid
      again, two times in two days at a music festival.  Again I had a very pleasant experience.

      I smoked pot about two times a week when I returned to
      school in the fall.  That winter
      break I went to another Phish concert on New Years Eve.  That night I had a horrifying trip that
      would be extremely scary at moments and then pretty good at other moments, with
      the scary parts sneaking up on me throughout the night.  I threw up that night twice while
      tripping, and I also got snapped at by a friend’s dog, which while tripping,
      looked like a monster was trying to eat me.  Later that week, I experienced what I believed was a
      flashback, but instead of a dog trying to snap at me, I imagined my boyfriend
      snapped at me when he hadn’t.  I
      thought I was going crazy and when I returned to school I had a hard time and
      did poorly in my classes.  I kept
      overanalyzing everything and couldn’t understand why the bad trip had
      happened.  I was down to smoking weed about
      three times a week while at school.
      When summer came around I was in much better spirits, and
      was smoking weed almost every day again. 
      I went to a music festival and tripped acid for the first time since the
      bad trip, and I had a wonderful time. 
      At moments while tripping, I thought that I heard someone calling my
      name, but no one was.  I also
      tripped again two times in two days at a different music festival later in the
      summer.  At this festival, I
      started believing that everything was happening for a reason and that
      everything was already planned out for me.  I remember thinking to myself that if anyone had DMT, I
      would smoke it, and right after having that thought, someone popped up and said
      they had some, but I ended up not accepting their offer.  As the summer continued more weird
      coincidences were happening that were freaking me out.  I was fishing at camp one day, and when
      I would have a good thought, I would right away catch a fish, and I thought the
      universe was trying to send me messages. 
      When I went back to school that fall, more weird things
      happened.  I needed a hat to work
      at a food co-op, and I randomly found a great hat on the floor, which I thought
      I manifested with my mind.  Then,
      one night I took one and half pills of a pain killer mixed with alcohol, and
      the next morning I woke up thinking I was completely crazy.  I researched schizophrenia online, and
      noticed that one of the symptoms was hearing your name.  I immediately thought not only was I
      schizophrenic, but that I was at a college where we were supposed to find out
      what mental disorder we had and that having schizophrenia meant I was a person
      of the future and had special powers. 
      Later that night, I went to a concert with a friend, where I
      drank and smoked a lot.  I went to
      an after party, where I had the choice of staying and meeting the band, or
      leaving with my ride.  I chose the
      former, and stayed with a friend. 
      My friend was my best friend’s ex boyfriend, and we started cuddling a
      little, and I started getting the paranoid thought that he had planned this
      encounter.  The morning came, and a
      violent movie was playing on tv, and I suddenly thought I was in a killer’s
      house.  Our ride wasn’t coming for
      another hour or so, and I called my parents and my old boyfriend saying how
      scared I was.  My parents came to
      pick me up and brought me to a hospital, where I was released after a few hours
      because I explained I just wanted to try a few drugs for research purposes.
      My parents left me at school and went back home, but the
      next few days I went a little bit crazier.  I was walking to class, when a large burst of wind came by
      and I felt as though the wind was telling me to not go to class.  I then thought that there were going to
      be bombs on campus, and I ran back to my apartment.  I went to a meeting that night for a club I was in, and when
      my friend said, “It’s hot in here,” I immediately thought we were all going to
      be in an oven and burn.  I ran out
      of the meeting and ran around the main street.

      I decided to run to the metro, and get as far away from the
      city as possible.  I hopped on a
      school bus with some kids I met at the metro stop, smoked weed with them, and
      ended up in another state.  I left
      the kids at a diner we had stopped at, and called my sister who lived nearby to
      pick me up.  I was extremely
      paranoid at this point, and I thought that people at the diner were going to
      try to kill me.  When I got to my
      sister’s apartment, I thought that at midnight we were all going to turn into
      uncontrollable animals and that I would try to hurt my sister.  I could not sleep because I also
      thought that the friend from the concert was trying to cut off my limbs in a
      parallel world that I would wake up to if I fell asleep.  I stayed up all night, and in the
      morning when they tried to take me to the hospital, I started running around
      naked, and took a dump on my sister’s bathroom floor as a symbol of
      protest.  Eventually an ambulance
      was called, and I was brought to the hospital, where no drugs were found in my
      I was brought back to my home state, and entered into a
      psych ward where I was put on Risperidol, but was changed to Abilify after my
      prolactin levels went up.  I was
      still having delusional thoughts and was hearing messages through the tv and
      the radio even after I was released from the hospital.  I was brought back to the psych ward
      because I was having incredibly excruciating migraines and threatened to kill
      myself.  I was then put on Fanapt,
      and finally stopped having delusional thoughts around mid-October.  Because I was upset about no longer
      being able to return to the school I was at and feeling as though I had lost my
      social skills, I was put on Lexapro in January to deal with my depression. 
      The Lexapro seems to be working and I am no longer having
      suicidal thoughts.  I will begin to
      be weaned off the Fanapt around the end of May, and I am applying to schools in
      my home state to return to in the fall. 
      I know that I want to smoke weed again, but my psychiatrist says there
      is a chance I would go back into my psychotic state.  I don’t feel delusional now, which I had been even the few
      months prior to the actual break, so I’m not sure if that would be the result.
      Anyway, I wrote this all just to introduce myself to the
      forum, and maybe hear from people who have had similar experiences.  I’d also like to know if anyone had a
      psychotic break and continued to smoke pot after no longer having psychotic
      symptoms and what happened to them. Thanks for reading!

      tl;dr: a couple of acid trips along with smoking a lot of pot led me to experience drug induced psychosis, so I ran away from college and am now back in my home state.  I am recovering while taking fanapt, lexapro, and figuring out which school to go to while debating if I can ever smoke pot again.
    • By Lifetime98
      Since I started taking fanapt I have felt like crap. I feel struck down by the common cold, fatigue and abdominal discomfort, Im running out of options. I have tried everything. It seems that I will never find releif.
    • By Lifetime98
      Saw my presciber today. She was understanding about why I stopped taking saphris and changed me to Fanapt. Does anyone have experiance with this med? I am terrified of gaining weight. I hope reality returns to me soon. Its surreal. and difficult to navigate the world. People over my shoulder and objects moving when I look away. Hope Fanapt works.
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