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Now I have Meds

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Im Bipolar 1

I saw the Doc yesterday anf finally got some meds.Right  away the anxiety less,so thats great.heres what I have:

5 Zyprexa in the morning

1500 Depakote at bedtime

20 Lexapro at bedtime

Im new to this. any insights into this combo you may have would be welcome.I know it will change, but any help is welcome at this point. ;)

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The Lexapro concerns me, but given my experience with antidepressants, that's probably just me.  Many people have them worked into their medication regimen with no problem.  Myself... I can't go near them. 

I'm glad that you're already starting to feel some improvement.  Work closely with your doc with any side effects and make sure he knows how any medication is affecting you, good or bad. That would be my only advice.

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Looks like a decent combo to me.  When I was on 5 mgs zyprexa I improved

right away.  My only concern would be you starting you on such a high dose of

depakote.  Be sure to get your levels checked often at first.  At 750 mgs I went

toxic on it.  Don't let that scare ya though cuz I am weird and VERY med sensitive.

Good luck with this combo, I hope it works well for you.

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IMF,  Welcome to the club!

Thanks for supporting your local pharmacy!

Remember to be very patient.  It takes 6 -8 weeks for new neurons to grow in your brain.  Just take anything good that happens till then as a bonus.

If you have any problems remembering to take your meds, think about getting a small weekly pill box at the pharmacy. They come in various sizes and styles and are inexpensive.

Good luck


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Hi, I can offer info regarding depakote and zyprexa per my daughter, who is currently in a psych hosp (delusions/etc, and meds adjustments)She's 17.

Zyprexa: she took it for 6 years, higher the doses, more tired she was, and always took (I say took, since she newly off it now)it at dinnertime, otherwise she was too tired in the day, and it helped her sleep, anything over 7.5mg made her eyes rollupwards(same as risperdal)My advice if tired during the day would be to take the Zyprexa in the evening.She also gained weight on it, and once off of it lost 20+pounds, walks helped.

Depakote:measured not by dose, but by bloodlevel, for my daughter, she needed it at about the 107-125 level, the milligrams dose can be different for all who take it, goal being blood levels, dont take the AM pill (if you do depakote 3Xs a day etc)before the bloodwork, try and have 12 hours since last dose.

Antidepressants:my daughter cannot take any one of them without going manic, even abilify, dexthromethophan cough syrup, buspar, among others sent her through the roof, but especially zoloft, luvox,Prozac created disaster for her.

She took Lithobid with the depakote, which sometimes helps, to take 2 mood stabilzers, besides the antipsychotics.

Good luck, yes it takes time and patience. My daughter writes down how she feels on what drug/dose, comes in handy.

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I have just plain old major depressive disorder as my main complaint and have found it helpful to keep a simple daily mood chart, since I've never been disciplined enough to write a journal, plus a pdoc isn't going to take the time to read a journal.

I'm not sure what your diagnosis is other than the anxiety you mentioned, but the mood chart I keep has the date along the bottom, and along the side rates my mood from "1" as suicidal to "10" as feel absolutely spectacular.  I keep it in an Excel spreadsheet and then all I have to do is check a box in the appropriate number for each day.

It's helpful especially when starting/changing meds, because otherwise I end up telling the pdoc how I've felt in the three days before the appt. and don't have a good memory of the rest of the month since the last appt.  My pdoc appts. are usually about a month apart when changing meds, and every few months when I'm stable. 

Welcome to the nut house and good luck with your meds!

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The good news about the Zyprexa is it snaps you back into reality dammed fast.  That may be why they gave it to you with Depakote because the two are a bit of an overkill if you ask me.  Depakote, however, takes weeks before it starts working.  Don't expect too much from it right away, but the Zyprexa should cover you in the mean time.

I'm not familiar with Lexapro so can't help you there.

One thing to watch out for with this combo is constipation and weight gain.  Drink LOTS of fluids, eat dried fruit, ask the doc for laxitives if needed and get some exercise.

Good luck and welcome to the meds club.  Don't be surprised if they tweek dosages and change them from time to time.  It's all part of the fun.

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