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Now it's the Brother-in-law


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Apparently the universe is not done kicking around family and friends. First hubby, then my buddy Frank, and now...

Brother-in-law, who we suspect is bipolar but will never admit to it, has gone off the deep end.

His wife kicked him out after finding about internet affairs. But he is also taking risks with his job, going through cash like its water, no sleeping....well you know the routine. Hubby is trying to call big brother to talk him into some meds, but he wont answer his cell phone.

Plus another sister has breast cancer, just got done with surgery and is now doing chemo...then she found out she also has cardiomyopathy. Fucking wonderful.

I am beginning to feel like the last sane person on the planet.

No point to this post other than venting.


Ahhhhh...that feels better.

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Latest news...

Brother-in-law is back home. His wife insisted he go sexaholics therapy...which he is doing. But he is WAY in denial that he is bipolar and the hypersexuality is mania indiced.

Kind of like putting a band-aid on a torn artery.

(grabs big purple crayon and starts drawing a thick boundry line around house....)

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