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bi-racial couples

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Over the past week, I've been developing quite a thing for good looking black women.  There is this SMOKIN hot black woman in the training class at my new job.  And I guess thanks to her, I'm starting to look at black women in a whole new way.  I always liked a beautiful black woman just as much as a beautiful woman of any other race, but its getting to the point where I wonder if Im starting to prefer black women.

Anyway, I remember my dad & I talking about how for every white man you see with a black woman, you see probably 20 or so white women with black men.  My dad said he heard a guy on tv or something say that the reason is because white men are more concerned with what others are going to think of their partners than white women are. 

So I've been thinking about that, and I have to say, I don't know if any woman would be worth the trouble and inconvenience of dealing with the negativity that bi-racial couples can get.  I'm not really a person who goes out of his way for others, and knowing that about myself I really have to wonder if it would be worth it to me.  Not very romantic I know, but what can I say?  And I guess you never know what you will do in certain situations until you've been in them. 

But knowing myself as I do, I think my infatuation with Beyonce-looking black women may only lead to me going to black escorts and exotic dancers instead of white ones. ;)

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