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After seeing the same Pdoc (Dr F) for about 8 years, it got to the point where he had run out of medications for me to try and didn't know where to go from here.

So I ended up seeking a 2nd opinion (with Pdoc's blessing) & have now got a new Pdoc (Dr M) (who works out of the same place in the city as my previous Pdoc).

I was on Pristiq (desvenlafaxine), however Dr M has decided that Prozac (fluoxetine) might be a better AD for me in terms of my anxiety & mood switches (I'm BPII).

So this morning (after 13 days Pristiq free and on Dr M's orders) I took 20mg tablet of Prozac & so far am alright (I always worry when I take new meds for the first time!).

I also take 150mg of Seroquel XR (Quetiapine) at night & over the next few months, Dr M wants to wean me off Seroquel & give Litihum a try. This is mainly due to weight issues, plus me finding seroquel good, but very sedating.

I also take a maximum of 5mg every other day of Valium (diazepam) for my anxiety (Dr M knows about this)

So the short story is: How have other people found Prozac? has anyone take it with either Lithium or Seroquel? Has anyone found it useful for anxiety &/ or panic attacks???

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almost killed me..sorry to be a bummer. Serotonin Syndrome..left me disabled for a month. Then pdoc had the gall to suggest I go back on it again a few days ago. I hope you fare better.

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Prozac made me hypomanic but did nothing for my anxiety. I took it with an AAP. Good luck with it, though. Clearly it's great for many people.

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I just got off prozac when I went to psych hospital (just got back home today!) my pdoc was prescribing two AD at same time- I thought that was strange, but he is the dr. Not me. Other professionals found this strange because they were both SSRI's which can cause seratonin syndrome. In fact, like a previous post I believe in hind site that I was hypomanic for quite a period of time (however I was quite productive as well and kinda liked it!) I am BP. I don't believe Prozac is indicated for anxiety. I am on Paxil as well and that does help with depression as well as social anxiety-I like it very much. I don't understand why ur pdoc recommends lithium, because that certainly causes weight gain , and btw u must check with a blood test often as dehydration will cause a build up of the med in ur system and the doc must adjust dose regularly. I was on it tho and rarely got blood tests and my dose was never adjusted- which is not recommended but some docs do not do the right thing. I gained a lot of weight with this drug and asked to get off it (I am also bulimic and am very concerned about such a side-effect and have refused certain RX's for that reason alone if I see it happening)

I also take seraquel (400mg) and have had no weight problems. Have been on it for a long time too.

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Prozac has worked great for me, but at the highest dose. Without it I am very weepy about everything. I can't afford to be off of it.

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Thanks Coconuts, Hagar Running, Cacia, Fitgal44 & MelissaW72 for your replies :)

coconuts: That really sucks for you :( Can't believe ur Pdoc suggested you go back on it!! :/

hagar running: Thanks for your reply, I reckon that I get hypomanic when I have a change of meds, but that was before I was taking Seroquel which has really dampened any hypomania, so fingers crossed I'll be ok. (I don't mind how I feel when hypomanic, but I don't want to have my behaviour end my marriage!)

Cacia: Thanks for your reply, I'm hoping that in conjunction with the Valium & (for the moment) Seroquel, that it will help me too -even just a little bit!- with my anxiety.

Fitgal44: Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry that you were prescribed 2 SSRI's, and had weight gain on Lithium. The reason my Pdoc wants to try it is to see if it's more weight neutral for me. (YMMV) So it could end up being ok for me, maybe.

I have done a bit of research about Lithium & realise the importance of constant hydration & about the regular blood tests (I had to have regular blood tests whilst on Sodium Valoproate) whilst taking Lithium.

I also have eating/ food issues (I'm a chronic over-eater, but very rarely purge -last purge was at least 8-9months ago)

The research I've done/found so far on Prozac say that in some cases (once again YMMV) that it can be used for bulimia & eating disorders, but obviously I'm not on it for this reason alone. & I'm in no way saying that you should be on it! :) It's just something I've come across in my very basic research of last night.

But having found that about Prozac & combining that with the fact that my new Pdoc knows about my disordered eating, maybe he figures it's worth a shot for the eating issues as well. I'm willing to try it and see if it works for me (on all levels)

& as for the lithium, I'll try that too & see what happens, maybe it will be "weight neutral" for me, maybe not.

melissaw72: Thanks for your reply, I'm glad that Prozac has helped you, I'm hoping it'll help me. I suspect that when I see my Pdoc in amonth, he'll raise my Prozac dose from 20mg to whatever he sees fit, fingers crossed it'll work out for me too.

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I've never heard of prozac being prescribed for eating disorders/disordered eating, but if research has shown to help then I'd ask your pdoc more about it. I have been on prozac since 1991(eating disorder had started in 1988, ended 2008), and it never had an effect on my eating. Thinking about it though, maybe knowing that prozac has an effect on your mood, that in itself *might* help the eating. Not sure but don't know how else it would work. Also, for me, prozac doesnt help me with panic attacks. I am on PRN xanax again (just restarted it) for the anxiety.

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I take Prozac along with Lithium and Seroquel. I've been on this combination for the past 18 months and it works well for me.

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      I take a bunch of meds, mainly psych meds  
      I like to read, Enjoy spending time with my boyfriend.  Internet.  I like learning things, I am currently and reading up on world history (pre-USA).  I keep up with psychology and sociology.
      Thanks for reading if you made it this far.
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