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tolerance to clonazepam what next

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When I weaned from celexa last year i was able to wean from 2mg of Clon at night down to 1/2 mg. It was great.

Now that I take wellbutrin i have increasing insomnia, this didnt happen at first and i only take 125 total (100 am 25 no later than noon)

pdoc is pretty liberal with the Clon, her one redeeming factor but i'm now taking 3 mg at night and still having trouble falling asleep.

Tried ambien, trazadone, mirtapine in the past but it was all too heavy and i could not wake up ..mental fog all day. I still have the bottle of seroquel and it doesn't make me as foggy if i take it regularly but i try to take it just prn (12 mg does the trick )

IMO i think wellbutrin and a prn ativan to curb some of the bitchies would be great..get rid of the lamictal.

i've developed a tolerance to clon..would switching to another benzo be beneficial? maybe a different chemical make up would help since i'm tolerant now of clon?

one doc a while back suggested alternating nights..using benadryl one night and clon the next but does this really help the tolerance? i dont take it during the day

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