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Blogs are more conversational, and are usually about a lot more of your life than MI. If you like to write (which it seems you do) it is a good way of writing a bit. And it is a different way of getting to know members you know on the boards. You will also meet people who are rarely seen on the boards.

People respond in each others' blogs in a much less formal way than they do on the boards.

Also, if you want to draw a crowd, I recommend food p0rn. We have some very good cooks who have quite a following.

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lol I don't know what food porn is. Another big lol you noticed I like to write a lot. Thanks for the clarification, so forum is more like questions and blogs are more like your life or how your day was etc...Just I feel very conscientious about what I write now that I caused that terrible firestorm a few days ago :) I know you read my first "offical" blog and give me feedback. Be gentle, I am green as a stick in the spring :)

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I know you posted this several hours ago. I just went to the blogs and found your blog--and you wrote an entry about your daughter's sleepover. Let us know if you have any other questions about how to write in the blog section.

If you want to see food pr0n, check out my blog. I started posting photographs of the food I cook several years ago, and just kept doing it. Now it's kind of a joke among the bloggers, and lots of other people post food pictures. I'm a foodie, so I enjoy seeing what other people cook and eat.

Blogs are great as a kind of journal. Sometimes I will tell a member to go back and read her blog from a year ago---it's a great way to see the progress you've made. You can say pretty much anything you want in your blog. You can make it private or keep it public.


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