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Picked up a Trogan Win32Dialer

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It is correct that trojans don't have to come in through an application such as a browser or an email client.  It is correct that a good firewall can block them.  However, hardware firewalls are actually less sophisticated than software firewalls.  A properly configured software firewall will prevent almost all viruses, worms, and other malacious software.  Anti-virus software is for the ones that do get through.  The moral of the story is, don't have unprotected Internet access.  Always wear a firewall and clean up with anti-virus afterwards.

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The moral of the story is, don't have unprotected Internet access.  Always wear a firewall and clean up with anti-virus afterwards.


Details please synthetic

Do you run your anti-virus after each days online surfing?


It depends.  I personally don't use Windows so I can't give any specific advice about one program or another, but most programs load at startup and do periodic scans automatically.  If there is a particular file or program that you think is suspicious, you can check it right then and there.  Also, you can manually initiate a scan of your whole hard disk.  As long as it is set to do periodic scans, this should only be necessary if you think you have a virus.  HTH.

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You can usually eliminate most trojans, or other spyware/malware by using one or preferably more anti-spyware programs. Two that I recommend are available as free downloads. Of course they would love for you to give donations, but that's not required.

Google for Spybot Search & Destroy. Download and install it. Aslo download/install the latest detection updates.

Also Google for AdAware Personal SE from Lavasoft. Again also get the latest updates.

Just like anti-virus software, you need to look for and download the updates on a regular basis. They usually come out approximately once a week or so.

I generally run both. Sometmes one finds things the other doesn't.

Also I recommend using the Spybot's Immunize feature each time you update the definitions.

They are both easy to use. I use them once or twice a week, depending upon how much internet usage I have done.

Chances are very good that one or both of these apps will take care of your problems. Even people who aren't aware of a problem, but use the internet should really get into the habit of doing this. You may be amazed at the improvement in your response time, and how fast web pages load.

I personally had one malware bug which I couldn't get rid of for the longest time. I tried everything, but the effing thing was so cleverly designed that it regenerated itself when you disabled portions of it. Finally after persistant attacks with these programs, and repeated upggraded definititions, I finally beat it. But it was one tenacious SOB.

Good luck!

Most likely you will find your problem easily resolved.

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