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what dose insulin shock feel like?

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hey sweets...being type 1 diabetic i know the symptoms of LOW BLOOD SUGAR all too well!! here's the list of symptoms (depending on severity) but this means you don't have enough sugar in your bloodstream....

sweating, palpitations, dizziness, tremor, hunger, restlessness, tingling in hands feet lips or tongue, lightheadedness, inability to concentrate, headache, irratability...

if you eat some carbs or some juice it will go away if that's indeed what the problem is...

if it's HIGH BLOOD SUGAR...you will have severe thirst, abdominal pain , drowsiness,blurred vision , sweating ...

if you feel like either fits your symptoms...go to your g.p. n make sure!!!

diabetes untreated can cause permanent damage! ;)

good luck to you n keep us posted

flutterfly xo

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hey sweets... how did you get that from my post??  or did the symptoms describe you?!

n if they did...you need ta go in n have your blood sugar tested!!! i wasn't joking 'bout uncontrolled diabetes causing PERMANAT damage! (talking from experience!) ;) n what's that 'bout your pancreas? your pancreas is what makes insulin n regulates your bloodsugar!!! SOOO if you have pancreas problems...then GOSH you need ta check your bloodsugar!!!!

how are you feeling now?

is this just a one time experience?

i'll check in tomorrow n will hope for you ta be doing allright!

good thoughts goin' ta you n yours


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sugar - protien definitely needs to be more than a once-a-week thing. otherwise you start having colds that last for months on end, feeling exhausted all the time, weak, shaky, jittery...

i speak from experience. when a cut on my foot took two months to heal, i finally figured out that hey, maybe protien is An Important Part Of A Balanced Diet and i shouldn't subsist entirely on diet coke and skittles.

i'm still horrible about it myself, and practically live on carbohydrates, but often i find that if i get to that icky shaky nauseated state, just eating something protienlicious will fix it. no need to ditch sugar entirely - just make sure you take in some protien as well. have a sammich or something.

you might consider limiting your sugar intake nonetheless - particularly of refined sugars and high fructose corn syrups. sometimes food intolerances or sensitivities can manifest themselves by cravings for the very foods you shouldn't be eating. additionally, i don't know your diagnosis, but people in the AD(H)D spectrum often are quite sensitive to HFCS and refined sugars and glutins and are best limiting their intake.

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Thanks guys  ;)

The other day my b/f was making the shopping list.

I was like, I dont need anything, just put down what you want.

and what he said, i never thought about before.

"yeah, you dont really eat...food..."

But I'm better.

I pigged out a little today, but i got a whole bunch of on sale

frozen tv dinners. Not the best for protein, but better then eating a bag

of candy for breakfast. and lunch. and dinner.

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SugarShock, Dr. Kathleen Desmaisons has written some reasonably good books on what she calls "sugar sensitivity," which manifests itself in people not wanting to eat anything other than sugary crap.  To reuse the example my friend quoted to get me to read the damn things: 

You come home from work and smell fresh, out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies. You go into the kitchen and there's a whole plateful of the warm, gooey cookies. What do you do?

If you said eat and eat the cookies until they're either gone or you make yourself sick, then you're more than likely sugar sensitive.

More info on the author's website, or books on Amazon.

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Wow, I just googled "sugar sensitivity" and took the little test thing on this page.  I scored 25 points by the first 5 questions and my total was something like 58.  Eep.

Seems like insulin resistance and related disorders might be tied into this, too.

I've noticed since I've been on glucophage (for insulin resistance), I haven't been quite as tempted to binge on sugary junk.  I still eat the stuff, but it's easier for me to stop.  My meal portions in general have gotten smaller and I seem to get full faster.  I'm thinking that's because my body is processing sugars better, I don't need to eat as much of 'em.  But I admit I don't know much about this at all.

I've been following a low(er) carb high(er) protein diet as part of the treatment for insulin resistance, so it seems like I might be on the right track.

Thanks for mentioning this.  I've never heard of sugar sensitivity, but it sounds like it's something I should know about. 

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I've trying to eat more chicken, so far I think it's working.

Thing is, I also have ED-NOS. Mostly non-purgeing subtype

(stuff and starve) but i've been doing much more bingeing

then starveing, which makes ANY eating, protein or not,

a little tricky.

i'm trying to time my meals, and saving calories for later

meals. I'm also "depositing" protein calories for later meals.

Thanks for that quiz, i'm gonna go take it now. :)

i scored a 70  ;)

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Hi.  Sorry to keep jumping in here.  ED nos, over here, too.  Very familiar with the restrict and binge scenerio, and how that can make following any sort of meal guideline very tricky.  I've been doing pretty well with eating a normal sized dinner instead of binging, but I know how important it is to eat regular meals to maintain blood sugar levels throughout the day, blah blah blah, so I've been trying to find some sort of middle ground that involves breakfast and/or lunch.  I can usually manage a small breakfast.  Lunch is more of a struggle.  Therapist is having me do a food journal kind of thing and that's helping.

i'm trying to time my meals, and saving calories for later meals. I'm also "depositing" protein calories for later meals.

Not sure what you mean by this.  Can you explain a bit more?

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Interesting quiz.  I lost track of my score three times and finally gave up on it, but it was well above 25.  I find that eating a vegan diet, however, helps me to limit my cravings for sugar.  I think part of this is that I'm eating less sugar (as commercially produced goods tend to be laden in both sugar and animal produts) by default.  I can't say for sure. 

I used to binge to such an extent it scared me.  I have been known to eat raw baking mix, among other things, in the desperate need to EAT SOMETHING NOW.  I never managed to purge, though I often tried.  Three-day fasts?  Fine.  Exercising like an Olympian?  Fine.  Traditional purging?  I guess I don't hate myself enough to make myself succeed.  Or something.  Though I often hated myself for it. 

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I write down what i eat.

well, untill i binge  ;)

but i'll "budget" protein calories, like taking X number

of cals off my total for the day, so i dont eat all my cals for

the day at 6 am, then be out of luck at night.

today was ok. but i'm increasing my effexor, so that may

have helped.

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