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Your Cocktail Deconstructed

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This is mostly out of curiousity but I'm wondering if people could put the name of the meds they're taking, the dose, and what they're prescribed the med for (for example, some meds help with anxiety, some help with sleep but also are antipsychotics, etc).


My current cocktail:


Lamictal - 400 mg once a day - depression

Cymbalta - 120 mg once a day - depression & anxiety

Methylphenidate - 20 mg 3X day - ADD

Thorazine - 250 mg at night, 25 mg as needed - higher dose is for sleep, lower for anxiety

Risperdal - 3 mg once a day - delusions




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I take 15 mg Abilify so I dont get paranoid or have anxiety. I take 20 mg prozac for any depression. I also take 1 mg Ativan at nIght before bed for insomnia issues. I take benadryl for sleeP as well on a Prn basis. Thats it for me. I tried concerta for add inattentive type and found it worked better than the other stims but unfortunately it caused too much anxiety even at sub theraputic doses.

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Provigil -- narcolepsy


Klonopin (qd) and xanax (PRN) -- anxiety


Wellbutrin -- stimulant


Naltrexone -- food addiction


Abilify -- hallucinations


Lamictal -- mood stabilization


Prozac -- depression


Lansoprazole -- GERD


Amitiza -- IBS


Flonase -- rhinitis


Methimazole -- thyroid


Inhalers -- asthma


Orphenadrine -- PRN for headaches

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(all generic except the synthroid, the doctor feels that the generic for that is crap)


Celexa 20mg, AM-for depression and anxiety

Lamictal 200mg, AM-mood stabilazation and anxiety

Seroquel 75mg PM-sleep, depression, mood

Klonopin 0.125 prn, anxiety acute


Metformin 500mg 2pills 2x daily-insulin resistance, PCOS

Synthroid 50mg, AM-thyroid, horamone stuff, depression

Yaz, period management, PCOS

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450mg Welbutruin - depression

15mg Abilify - depression/paranoia/hallucinations 

40mg Adderal - ADHD

...and I might have stopped 200mg lamictal without my pdoc's advice (she has canceled 2 appointments and didn't call me back). It was for mood stabilization/depression, but made me feel like shit. Taking it did more damage than good; I was stably depressed, but feel fine now. I'll finally see pdoc tomorrow though.

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Do two meds qualify as a cocktail?


Invega- mood stabilization and antipsychotic

Amitriptyline- depression and sleep


Also, I smoke and drink coffee all day every day. So nicotine and caffeine, which seem to help with my anxiety. Seem to, but probably make it worse in the long run for all I know.

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My entire cocktail is to treat treatment-resistant depression and anxiety. It works very well for me.  But here is a breakdown of how the meds affect me:


Citalopram - antidepressant that helps a little with depression and a lot with anxiety


Remeron - antidepressant that does very little for me


Abilify - simply the best for my depression; excellent


Carbamazepine (Tegretol) - keeps me from becoming suicidal - very effective


Lamotrigine - Not sure what this does for me


Ritalin - augments my antidepressants and helps with possible ADD

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Just the head meds -

Lithium, 900mg - mood stabilization, helps with intrusive thoughts from OCD

Olanzapine, 5mg - mood stabilization, as tryp said, general brain glue

Viibryd, 40mg - depression, helps keep my mood elevated

Alprazolam, .5mg - anxiety, as needed med for when shit gets real


I just discontinued Topamax as an adjunct mood stabilizer, so it's just the three daily head meds plus the Xanax as needed. Then all my physical meds, which I won't bother everyone with here. 

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Depakote - mania and mixed episodes

Risperdal - mania and hallucinations

Zoloft - depression

Vyvanse - ADHD and fatigue

Dexedrine - ADHD and fatigue (prn vyvanse booster)

Trazadone - sleep

Propranolol - tremors caused by depakote

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Abilify - simply the best for my depression; excellent


Abilify 30mg - Psychosis, hypomania, depression. Abilify is really a one-stop shop for me. Works like a charm, mostly. Does WONDERS for my


depression. Me and jt07 should be in the commercials.


Venlafaxine 300mg - For depression


Lamictal (titrating up) - for hypomania


Propranolol 20mg PRN - For occasional tremors, akathisia during titrations of abilify and anxiety.  

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Bipolar 1

Prolixin 15 mg. typical ap.

Seroquel 400 aap

Geodon 160mg aap

Rozerem. 6mg. Sleep

Clonopin. 2 mg anxiety

Lamictal 500mg mood stabilizer

Provigil 200 mg morning sleepiness

I take all the antipsychotic medication because when I an not on the prolixin I still have paranoia.

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All generics right now.

Wellbutrin XL (300mg 1x/day) - depression and fatigue

Ritalin SA (20mg 1xday) - trial dose for suspected ADD inattentive type

Ativan (0.5-1mg PRN) - as needed for acute anxiety, raging irritability, you get the picture

Vistaril (25 or 50mg PRN) - pdoc would prefer I transition to this instead of the ativan but it doesn't do anything beneficial while I'm conscious, it just knocks me out cold for 10-15 hours. Not very useful except when the only goal is to force sleep.

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MDD diagnosis with moderate anxiety, OCD, and sleep problems


Pristiq 50 mg--depression

Liothyronine (Cytomel) 25mcg --antidepressant augmentation

Lamotrigine (Lamictal) 400mg--antidepressant augmentation

Geodon 120mg--antidepressant augmentation, OCD, sleep problems

Propanolol 20mg-- med induced tremor


Trying between two meds for anxiety--clonazepam 5mg or alprazolam .67mg

Trying between two meds for sleep-- zolpidem (Ambien) 10mg or hydroxyine (Atarax) 50mg


Non psych:

Bystolic 5mg-- high BP

Sumatriptan 100mg-- migraine

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Most of my meds are self explanatory. I'll hit the ones that are not.


Abilify  AD augmentation

Propranolol  Tremor, anxiety

Alprazolam  Middle of the night, can't sleep

Dextroamphetamine  PM stimulant

Cyproheptadine  Hives and AD sexual problems

Prednisone   Acute allergy

Zofran   GI problems

Norco  Abdominal cramps, general pain relief

Doxepin   Allergy, Hives, sleeping  

Lamotrigine/Keppra Seizures, titrating off Lamotrigine

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