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This sounds terrible, but I don't want to stop cutting. When I have had time to think reasonably, i have reevaluated the situation I'm in ( self harm) and I honestly decided, why stop? Here are my reasons:

• what's the worst that an happen? A few scars, my death? Ok.

• why does it matter to anyone? I don't wear shorts anymore, so no one can be offended by the cuts, and I don't talk about it like it is a good thing.

• this is not a thing I keep a secret. Its not so bad I can't tell anyone. People know. My best friends dad knows. We haven't talk about it, but he saw the cuts.

• my friends have done it to, but most did it for attention. I am not doing it for attention. I am doing it for a lot of reasons. Mainly family problems/self hate.

I know I'm not stopping anytime soon. I'll end up killing myself if I don't, but that doesn't mean a thing to me right now. I don't care. Honestly, i dont.

I guess my whole thing was, is this normal, or is it just I'm so screwed up and messed up?


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While I appreciate your desire to post here, you should know this is a forum dedicated to developing alternatives to self harm.


No one here is going to convince you that self harm isn't for you. YOU have to decide when the time is right for you to try other coping skills.


Nobody can do that for you.


There may be a gazillion reasons to continue using self harm.  There are just as many reasons to stop.


I encourage you to find them.

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Self Harm is a trap. It's providing you temporary respite from on -going stressors and problems. I'm not here to preach, though. It's enabling you to cope currently, I can see why you'd be reluctant to give it up. Theres a million reasons to stop, I'll list a few

  • less scars
  • less secrecy
  • healthy, productive coping skills that can be found after self harm cessation
  • a huge self of accomplishment
  • stopping might improve your sense of self worth which is priceless.

Please take care and be safe.

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Guest Vapourware

• what's the worst that an happen? A few scars, my death? Ok.
There's a lot more to that. If you cut too deeply, you can give yourself serious, permanent damage [nerve damage from SI is not uncommon]. You will be stared at. You will have intrusive questions asked about what happened. You will be judged.
• why does it matter to anyone? I don't wear shorts anymore, so no one can be offended by the cuts, and I don't talk about it like it is a good thing.
See, sometimes I think that too about my harm. You may think you can hide it forever, but eventually people will see it. If you find a partner, they will see the scars. If you have a physical exam from a doctor, they will see the scars. Those are just two situations where you will reveal your scars.
• this is not a thing I keep a secret. Its not so bad I can't tell anyone. People know. My best friends dad knows. We haven't talk about it, but he saw the cuts.
Sure, you can tell people about the cutting but be aware most people see SI in a really negative light, and they also see people who SI in the same light.
• my friends have done it to, but most did it for attention. I am not doing it for attention. I am doing it for a lot of reasons. Mainly family problems/self hate.
How long do you think you can keep up the self harm? Eventually you're going to run out of space on your preferred part of your body. Then what? Tits has a point. Was this what you saw in your future?

I guess my overall point is - SI can offer short-term relief, but long-lasting ramifications. I still have scars from SI that I did a while ago. At the time, I thought a bit of scarring wasn't going to bother me but I was wrong. It does bother me.

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You say why does it matter to anyone etc etc following on from vapour its not my partner etc seeing them its when my 6 yr old catches me getting changed etc or having to explain why I can't take her swimming etc then she asks why?dont you love me mummy,do you want to die cuz you don't love me enough to live? She isn't old enough to understand the release it gives me, I have probably messed her head up more than mine is!

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You say it sounds terrible that you don't want to quit. Why does it sound terrible to you? Or is that just lip service from a fear of being judged? Even if you are just afraid of being judged, that still means you care, that it bothers you on some level. That's worth exploring.

You ask if you are normal. Self-harm for coping is not normal no matter what form it takes. It is not adaptive or sustainable. It does not make sense. It works, yes, but not in the long term. It very well could result in bad infection, or permanent nerve damage, and discomfort, numbness, weakness and pain thereby. You could be like me and develop contact dermatitis from adhesive and latex exposure. Your death is unlikely, however, do ask yourself if what you want is death, or just to be free from suffering.

Things seem pointless to you because you're stuck in that mindset. There are other, better ways to cope. You have to want to work for them, and they are not easy, but they're better than self-harm by a country mile. This coming from someone whose self-harm habit was more expensive than that of a pack-a-day Marlboro smoker. It gets better.

Benefits I've gained from quitting:

-Saved a truckload of money on first aid supplies.

-No more nervousness that someone will see blood on my clothing. Also, no more ruined clothing.

-No more hassling with dressings.

-No more having to find time and privacy to do it.

-No more being unable to remember whether I picked up my materials and neatened things.

-No scrubbing the sink and shower with peroxide to remove blood from the grout and around the drain.

-No bad moments realizing a member of my family is standing right next to a spot where there is blood on my table, carpet, or smeared on my keyboard or night stand.

-No physical discomfort from deep wounds or sanity destroying constant itching. My scars still itch and shoot pains down into my hands and feet, but without new wounds it's not constant.

-I have new coping skills that help me not only avoid self-harm, but manage anger and anxiety too.

I miss self-harm sometimes. The easy, immediate relief, and being able to visibly express emotions I don't allow myself to feel otherwise, still lure me in from time to time. But those slips remind me why self-harm is such a ginormous pain in the ass.

It's a process.

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    • By 3xEmonkey
      I just found out the makers of the app CALM (a popular and free meditation app) have an app called CALM HARM for people dealing with self-harm. It has features to help the user get through the obsessive thoughts and urges. There are sections for journaling, distractions, advice, and getting help. I sort stumbled on it by accident, about a week too late if we're being honest. But it's out there and it's free. I can't post this on facebook or twitter because I, you know, know people out there in the wild. I can't believe more people don't know this exists. So if you or someone you know needs this- even if you have to talk about it in a hushed whisper- it exists.
    • By Inanlae
      So for seventeen years I've had pain depression.  It especially feels like it's squeezing my heart.  It hasn't historically been *about* anything.  I've just chalked it up to biochemistry, heredity.  And I've thought about suicide, most days, for at least fifteen years - because pain sucks.  Ups-and-downs.  Roller-coasters.  Probably every person on here has done time at the worst torture theme park in the world.

      Two years ago, my cocktail started working.  There was some CBT and DBT in the mix too.  I decreased my daily Ativan from 3mg to 2mg.  Plus 20mg Latuda, 300mg Sertraline, 100mg Topamax.  I actually felt happy, for about two years, until this October.  Then it stopped working.  And I stopped working.  I work in a level I trauma center, where I identify cancer, anemia, and the effects of the coronavirus on the human body.  I feel like I have a front row seat to human suffering, without being empowered to ameliorate it, and it's another kind of torture.

      I am very tired of fighting.  If there was a euthanasia travel agency, where I could just walk in, plan my funeral and end-of-life arrangements, plan my ideal death, and just call this thing at 38, that would be a somewhat attractive option (not telling, The Tallest Man on Earth, flaming-Viking-burial-at-sea.)  I'm tired of fighting this disease, personally.  And I'm tired of coming up against the tsunami of "world suck" (H/T Vlog Brothers) which seems to be hate-fucking itself ad astra.

      So the strain theory, which I haven't read much on yet, is that we consider the termination of our lives when under one or more types of strain.  I personally find this theory hopeful, as targeting the sources of strain, i.e. "world stuck," could reduce the inducements to terminate one's life.  The General Strain Theory, according to one Wik I. Pedia cites loss of positive stimuli, addition of negative stimuli, or the inability to reach a desired goal, as three possible sources of strain.  I will follow up on this with my tdoc on Wednesday.  I think work is introducing negative stimuli, and I have a shit ton of unreached goals, but am starting to care about goals less and less.  Basically, it pisses me off that I've had to dramatically reduce my goals due to my diseases, and it's kind of tempting to just leave the party.  Please feel free to weigh in if you have personal and or academic experience with this.

      I'm also meeting virtually with my pdoc tomorrow... to tweak the cocktail.  Would love recommendations.  My current rx mix, dxs and rx, failures are in my signature.  Lamictal induces hives and vomiting.  Depakote causes dyskinesia.  Lithium ruined the thyroid and causes acute renal failure.  Medicine.  Ha ha.  Organ roulette.

      So the observation about different species of depression is that while for a decade-and-a-half I experienced what seemed like purely biochemical, chains-around-my-heart, tar-and-shark-filled, basements-beneath-basements depression.  This feels more like a rational(?) depression, which has me concerned about whether it will be responsive to biochemical therapy.

    • By nanna
      It's been a long while since my last visit here, and even longer since last writing anything.
      I don't know where to write this, or even what to write, but there really is no one else to talk to.
      So... long story short, I attempted suicide about 6 months ago (not my first try), and obviously, failed at that, again. I have been in a relationship more or less 5 years now, and I guess I can summarize that into "it's complicated". Things have been going from bad to worse since the suicide attempt. To a point that few weeks ago, my (I don't know what to call him, "partner"?) was violent towards me (not really the first time this kind of thing has happened, but certainly the worst).
      He so angry all the time (at me, I guess.. and certainly some of it is completely justified), it feels like he is expecting me to be "grateful" for him saving my life, and when I can't, it makes things even worse.
      It doesn't really make things any easier, that we both have some pretty serious issues. Me with depression, and trauma-related dissociative "disorder" (?), or at least a tendency to dissociate in difficult situations. And he with alcohol abuse, and some traumas of his own.
      Anyway, right now we are still living in the same house (he is occupying most of the space, and I am kind of living in my workroom) but we don't really have a "together-life". I don't have a lot of friends in general, and the few I have are living relatively far from where I live. My mother lives not-too-far-away, but we aren't very close, and I can't imagine talking to her about this.
    • By sweetlysinister
      So I don’t know how to come out and say this ...... but life has been driving me slowly even more mad and I’ve been looking into killing my self using vet medicine ......... but giving my self a plan and a date gives me  peace I don’t know  
    • By Poem
      So, I found out recently that my diagnosis had changed from Bipolar 1 to Schizoaffective Disorder: Bipolar Type. This diagnoses switch was done 2 YEARS ago and nobody told me. Sure, my Pdoc at the time said it might be a possibility, but I was really upset that no one bothered to clue me in. Anyway. The thing is, I've been shuffled around through so many Pdocs and psychiatric nurse practitioners and I have never told them my whole story. 
      My first ever Pdoc asked if I ever had any psychotic symptoms. I said that I would hear my name being called, and before I could say anything else, they laughed me off saying that everyone experiences that. So, being the shy person I am, I thought that I was being silly and never mentioned it again. My last Pdoc, I tried to be more open with and told them about some hallucinations/paranoid thoughts I had...hence change in diagnosis.
      Now I am with a new provider whom I don't trust at all. They don't seem to know how to manage me at all, and every session seems to be more and more a waste of time. I am currently switching to another provider, but it will take a bit before I can go. I'm a little nervous because I've tried so many anti psychotics, and am currently not taking one. Sorry, the point is I am planning to give my therapist all the details about things that have been going on for years. Stuff I never had the guts to say, because I know they will listen to me. I am just afraid that since I never said anything to my new provider (or even in the past) my future provider might think that I am making it up since I found out about my new diagnosis. Maybe I'm overthinking things. I don't know. But the only people on my support team that I trust are my family and my therapist.
      Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble. I've been in a bad state the last few days and this has been edited and re-edited for your perusal. If there is anyone out there with the same disorder, or just someone with advice, please help me! There is so little info on Schizoaffective disorder, that I would really like to hear from others, maybe hear some coping skills? Everyone is different, but I am open to anything at this moment. Falling asleep last night was hell. My mind was racing all over the place, with layers of thought over layers of thought. I have to sleep with a light now, because shadows will creep the hell out of me. I have poor memory and forget words/mis-say them. My concentration is shot. I lash out in anger and always have this simmering irritability underneath. I'm starting to get the feeling that something is watching me again.
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