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'Normal' people act crazy


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I hope this is the right board for this story.  ;)

Why is it that we so-called crazy people feel such enormous pressure to hid The Crazy? What is it about having A Diagnosis that means we have to control ourselves? Becuase I know far too many 'normal people' who have no problem engaging in the same sort of crazy behaviors that led me to the shrink's office in the first place. But becuase thay don't have a diagnosis...it's okay for them.

Case in point. I missed my meds one morning. I was very, uh, 'perky' for the rest of the day - nothing really outrageous, I was just a bit louder and happier and expressive than usually. My friend A spent the whole day riding me about how I was 'acting weird' and needed to control myself. Same thing when I've had panic attacks, or started to go down into a depression.

BUT this same friend has done things like go basically catatonic in public becuase of overstimulation; she will pick fights with strangers in the grocery store. And last night...well, I was taking her and her husband out for dinner. We were walking to the restaurant when all of a sudden A dashes across the street, down another block and disappears. Neither her husband or I had any idea why - as far as we know she could have been running towards the lake to jump in!

He tells me we should jsut go to the restaurant and wait for her. Twenty minutes later, she calls me and says that she decided she had to clean her apartment. RIGHT THAT MINUTE.

No apology. Nothing said about how 'weird' and crazy and DOWNRIGHT RUDE her behavior was.

I have sudden compulsions like that. I'm sure a lot of people here do. But I take my meds and even when I'm not medicated I work very, very hard to control those urges. When I give in to them, people jump in my shit and tell me I need to go back to my doctor for more meds.

You can imagine what my friend would say if II told her she needed to go to psychologist, can't you?


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Becka, your friend is crazy, but craziness draws the most attention when the behavior appears out of character. Your little change is more apparent to her than her own batshittedness. That's my opinion anyway. I probably would not let her in on the info until she is receptive though.


Yeah...it's just getting very frustrating. She won't go to a shrink herself but has no problem telling me I should...and no problem throwing around her own drama while I can't even have a bad day.

And! She will snap and take it out on me while I don't dare even tell her she's being mean. Hmmmm. Maybe we're not that good of friends anyway. ;)

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Oh, man, can I relate to that.

I knew this girl that...well...one night she just went a little overboard, y'know? It started with her getting upset with me and another girl and not telling us why. We followed her back to her room (in the dorms at the time) and found her on her stomach on the futon, face buried, making little whimper noises.

Obviously, we thought she was crying, so we tried to get her to tell us what was wrong. Suddenly, she rolls over, starts laughing, and starts beating the other girl's leg with a little throw pillow so hard that it hurt her.

The three of us went to dinner with a fairly large group of people about half an hour after that. The girl proceeded to tell the entire table that she spent the night being upset because we were mocking her accent. (East Coast accent that only showed up at very rare moments.) For the record, I never made fun of her accent, because I don't do things like that.

After dinner, she came to the room to try to get me to apologize for mocking her accent, and then she got offended when I told her I never did anything of the sort (and I was angry like I'd never been angry before) and she went back to her room and sulked.

And yet, she's the normal one.

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You have a diagnosis. You understand you have issues. Many people have issues and NO diagnosis and do not want to think about it. You getting help and trying to be well is just a reminder that they are sick and staying that way. Easier to set you up than deal with their own crap.

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