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Is it just me or...?

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Absolutely. There are a few people I'd love to forget, one in particular, and if I could forget him I'd be a lot more carefree. 


Unfortunately, it looks like we're all stuck with getting over people the old fashioned way: lots of time, lots of struggle. But at least this way we will (hopefully) learn from our mistakes and take some valuable lessons with us into the rest of our lives.

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i had a couple of principals i taught under that i'd like to erase, but then i guess working for sociopaths makes working for other bosses something to be grateful about

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I spent the last 78 damn days and nights, trying to teach myself how to forget a man, that one particular, captivating, curious and confusing man and then I see him for one night when out for a mutual friends birthday, and now I can't think of anything else. I adore him so much it hurts, so much that I just can't bear it anymore. I just want to forget.

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Unfortunately, time is the major helper with forgetting.  However, just like the techniques we use elsewhere in life, you can distract yourself.


Every time he pops into your mind, be firm and push him out.  Watch a funny movie, or a scary one.  Play a guitar or some other musical instrument.  Put on really loud music and dance around your room.  Call your best friend and challenge yourself to have a long conversation without mentioning him.


You will never get rid of him emotionally if you don't work at it.  That's the sad reality.  But when you DO get rid of him, the rest of your life will begin.



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My friend managed to throw in a curve ball. We were talking about the situation and he said 'but all these complications that have got in the way of you starting the relationship, they all seem bad, what is actuqlly good about him?' And I trailed off the long list ending with, and he gives me those stupid butterflies, the ones you got when you were a teenager, the ones I havent felt for years..and here are the words he said that have gone over and over in my mind all night; 'C, the problem is, is that you are saying it hurts because you want to forget him, the reason it hurts is because you don't want to have to forget him. If it were me, I'd hold onto that person really tight because realistically you know full well that in your adult life the people who give you the feelings you've descriped are rare to find'

People go on and on about how they want to find that special love, the type that makes you go weak at the knees...but they're wrong, because that's the exact type that causes this kind of heartache, the kind that makes you cry and scream and curse at the world because more than anything, you want them. It hurts like hell...

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I met a person after I started a relationship with my soon to be hubby. I felt attracted to him, and over time, became pretty sure that he felt the same way.

But like Olga said, time will help you forget about a relationship that shouldn't take place, no matter what the reason is. You just have to stop thinking about him when he pops into your head, not hang out with him, and certainly don't put yourself in compromising situations with him.

If you do that, you will eventually feel the same way about him as you do the boy at the McDonalds drive thru, only with a bit of nostalgia.

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The sad thing is, is that I know he feels the same. We had a sort of relationship.

The third person argument we had through a friend the other night said it all.

I said 'certain people need it literally spelling out to them when someone is genuinely interested'

his response 'well yes, certain people do need it spelling out to them, because maybe they are scared of rejection' 

But how obvious do I need to be? I went round his place every night after work, just to make him feel better, spent several nights there. How much more obvious can I be? Then just to top that all off, I got him a job, then I quit my job so he could keep his because my manager didn't want a couple in the office! But when I'd quit, he got so funny with my, got angry at me. Then we barely spoke for weeks, even when my best friend died for Christ sake, all i got out of him was an occasional blunt text. So I pretty much assumed he had ended our relationship. And yet he still decided to get all moody at me all the bloody time, like the night of the funeral, he called me and I didn't answer, just text saying I don't want you to hear me like this and he just replied saying well that's exactly why I was calling because I knew you'd be upset but okay....

Then, when the conversation of what actually happened the other night, he was like well you just stopped calling me....but what the hell, I tried several times but after a while you realise you're starting to seem desperate, back off and let them come to you and all that. And at the end of the day, I was having a complete mental break down, my best friend died and I'm also caring for my sick Grandmother, it's not like I could exactly be blamed for not calling, surely it would have been the right thing for him to I don't know....perhaps be there for me!

I'm really sorry for the ranting and life story here, I just need to get it off my chest. I'm so confused.

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It sounds to me as though the two of you had different ideas on what this relationship was going to be and where it was going. Did you ever sit down and talk to him about it?

Does the fact that you're not currently in one with him hurt because you're mourning that he's not as perfect for a relationship as you would like him to be?

I know it's hard. It sounds to me that the relationship you tried was very one-sided. You got him so much (a job!) And you gave up so much for him (a job again!) And it wasn't reciprocated. That's really rough and no wonder it hurts. Personally I'd have gotten resentful.

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He was never very good about talking about things, we never really had a real conversation about 'us'. We'd start and i'd say something like please don't hurt me and he'd just laugh me off and be like don't be stupid.


I understand what you're saying about the mourning that the relationship isn't as perfect as i'd like, but i think it's more him that captivates me in that unusual way.


Maybe it's because i know him deep down, and that he hides behind the way he is. He said the other night, he is a typical man except without the sleeping with anything that moves and no morals part. 


I'm pretty sure you're right, it was one sided but it doesn't make me feel less for him. I'm also trying to tell myself that I need to remember that strong bonds and attachment issues are part of being borderline. Doesn't make it any easier though. 

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    • By Posey
      Hey yall I wanted to get some better insight on a situation. I am set to see a therapist in a few weeks, I just wanted to see if I was overthinking the situation or how I should try to cope with it better. 
      My fiance and I live together with my parents under the same roof. My fiance goes to grad school and I study at home and volunteer to build my career. In the past, my fiance and my folks got along really well together and are friends. Lately though it seems like they are being more critical of my fiance. After thinking about it, I am beginning to think that it is mostly my parents being a bit possessive of me and clingy. 
      My sister is an actress and is in a lot of stage plays every couple of months. I'm not that into theater, but I don't have a problem going to see my sister with my folks. My fiance however has a really hard time in plays and theater. He has a hard time staying still and is a bit fidgety, which kinda annoys me. He also hates plays, so it's kind of a bad combination. I do not have any problems with him just staying home and me going to see my sister. However, my folks have a big problem with this. They told me that he is unsupportive and would make a bad husband if he doesn't go see all of my sisters plays. After speaking with him about it, my fiance decided to compromise and agreed that he would go see a few plays a year (We go like once every 2-3 months). This, however, isn't good enough for my parents still. My mom since then has suggested that he isn't a good partner for me. 
      There are also smaller stuff that they complain about. They don't like that he plays video games for more than 2 hours at a time, that he is sexist for asking me to make him scrambled eggs, and that he doesn't go out to dinner with my folks every time (my parents eat out A LOT). The most annoying thing is that I have never at all felt like he is a bad partner!!!! He literally makes my life better, helps out my anxiety, and makes me a better person!!! I seriously think I'm going crazy sometimes because I literally cannot see any problems about what he is doing. If anything, I respect my fiance more because he has handled this gracefully, has been polite and a responsible tenant, and has been super supportive and trusting of me.
       The problem is that i have GAD and get really bad obsessive thoughts, which makes me really anxious. I can't stop thinking about my parents hating my fiance. If anything is negatively effecting my relationship at all, its the fact that my parents don't approve of him fully. It just really fucking sucks when someone actively improves your life and your own parents can't see that. I was wondering if anyone had any tips with stopping obsessive thoughts with this situation. 
    • By Pixelish
      Second post on this forum (woohoo!), but, I was wondering if anyone has any advice for smoothing out a relationship between two bipolar people. My fiance and I have been together for nearly three years now, engaged for almost two of those years, we're both under the age of 25 (but over 18), we live together, and we're both bipolar. She has Type I and I'm just recently diagnosed Type II. Both our diagnosis(es?) have been in the past year, and we've both been trying medicines (her first, then me as my dx came months after); she is presently unmedicated. We both see the same psychologist but different prescribing doctors/GPs. We do not presently do any sort of couples therapy, our therapy sessions are separate and confidential. Our relationship in all it's years has always had very rough spots that we stick out because we genuinely love each other and care for one another, and want to see each other grow/be apart of each other's lives. However, our MIs (bipolar, ptsd, possible schizo-spect disorder on our end) have nearly ripped us apart for good many times. We took an almost month long break after our most recent big falling out, out of desperation to try and amend ourselves and our relationship. Being apart for a bit seemed to help, but we seem to have fallen right back into the "cycle" of our relationship. The extreme highs and lows that are no doubt also attributed to our bipolar. Does any have any words of wisdom or advice to think about/keep in mind when trying to keep the relationship afloat? We genuinely do love and care for one another and want to make what we have at our best work. It just seems to get more and more difficult. Hopefully meds will help even us out, we know we need to work on ourselves to help the relationship.

      Anything is much appreciated!
    • By InkBlot2771
      Hi all,
      I'm currently having real difficulty at work and with a lot of my other relationships.
      The issue is that I'm constantly being talked over and really have to fight to be heard at all.
      I stutter slightly so that doesn't help me, and no-one seems to give a fuck most of the time.
      At work it is particularly bad because my bosses will start to talk over me before I've finished half a sentence. This is an issue because I work as a software developer and communication is key to getting my job done.
      The issue is so bad at work that every Sunday before I go to work I get angry thinking about having to deal with any of them. I feel that part of the issue is discrimination, because of my illness (I regret telling folk at work about it). I don't feel that I can move onto another job because I'm becoming unstable because it is leaving me feeling alienated. Other folk in the office seem to be following the example of what the bosses are doing.
      I've tried to tell the bosses that they're doing this, but I'm being largely ignored.
      Does anyone have any experience on how to deal with this sort of issue?
    • By Angeni Mai
      I'm mostly looking for advice at this moment on how to foster and encourage my significant other's (soon to be married) interests. She seems to want to share a lot of things with me, such as things about other people and all; however, when it comes to her interests, she tells me about them but doesn't include me in them. I know she tries but she also gives up if she even perceives that I'm not interested. Often times it isn't a lack of interest but rather that I may be having a bad day or an having difficulties with things and processing. (I have Cerebral Palsy and multiple mental health diagnoses) 

      I don't mean to make her feel like I have no interest or I don't want to get along, but is it not ok to indulge in my own thing/ have some alone time? A lot of things I do bother her sensory issues (singing opera, playing jokes, touch randomly without remembering her boundaries because my memory is shit). I want to better our relationship by sharing some in each other's interests but I also still have that need to do my own thing when it is something I know she can't handle. She's also pregnant which makes her sensory issues twice as bad, which has lead to some hard feelings, especially when I would like to sing (as I have a generally loud singing voice as I've sung opera for the past 8 years. 

      She also has a developmental delay that causes her to need to speak things aloud and get that feedback on social situations and some other things to process them, in which she is quite long-winded most of the time. That has also lead to more hard feelings as it leads to limited time to indulge in anything else but talking from the time we are up until the time she goes to bed. Any other time that's left during the day, she usually insists that we spend it together because she wants to be close but she has also said that if we don't have that closeness each and every day, multiple times a day even (most days) then she and I will be too distant and she won't be able to open back up to me because I'll be a stranger (she has had issues with selective mutism when she was a child is the only thing I could assume she means by she will stop opening up). It may just be a matter of her mental health and I just misunderstood what she meant, however, is it wrong of me to feel like she is somewhat playing mind games/ manipulating me/ twisting my arm for me to pay all of my attention to her?

      She is currently visiting from Canada and I live 422 miles away from her home. She has said that things will be different when we go back to Canada in 5 days, but I don't know whether or not I can trust this as I have seen different happen when she's back home and we just talk over video call. She says she doesn't really lie, and I know that, but is it bad of me to feel like she just doesn't really know herself all that well in what she really and needs from a person, especially when she's never really been in a long term relationship before us getting together? I'm really trying to let go of the past but this is just a lot to handle. 

      Does anybody have any advice on how to cope with these situations? Is it too much for me to continue to wish for and sometimes expect her to understand my needs? Is it too much for me to want to be left alone sometimes (as it helps me to cope with life and process my own emotions)?

      I really don't want her or our relationship to suffer because I'm not giving her what she needs. 

      Thanks for any responses. They are much appreciated.

      P.S. ~ Are there any books you would recommend somebody in a relationship with somebody who has ASD reads to have a better understanding of what it is like to have autism or books on how to cope with the differences in their partner? 

      P.P.S. ~ I know she's not a manipulative person and she wouldn't mindfully force me to do what I don't wish to,  it's just I feel backed into a corner most days and I lash out emotionally in anger and start to yell when she's annoying me, most often times at the expense of being called mean when I say something she doesn't view as true and, at the best of times, neither do I. I guess it's just hard when both parties have mental health issues that result in a lot of emotions (and a TON of anger) and developmental issues, and social skills deficits on her end. I love her to death though and just want to make things easier on the both of us, more so on her though.
    • By HowlingWolf
      I've been in this relationship for 5 years. We have a baby boy together. Much of the time we are happy together and are compatible. We want the same things out of life. I made a post on here over 2 years ago talking about domestic violence. He was violent towards me a lot. It was not just pushing and slapping. It was very, very violent (though nothing broken thankfully). It got better for a while. Then it returned and got better again. There's been a lot of arguing though, but that got better as well. He certainly has issues with anger, and I always believed it could be worked out with medication and therapy despite the severity. 
      There were a few shady instances. The most recent one is when he went missing. He claimed he was working late, when in reality he was with his friend who he claimed was suicidal. I was also self-harming at the time and he knew. Anyway, I never knew where he was until the next day. We also have issues with finances. He gets himself further and further into debt behind my back and tells me it is not my concern.
      In January, his mother was murdered by her husband. Absolutely tragic and sent him spiraling. He refused to get help, but he did not revert back to being violent towards me. Our relationship was ok for a while. Until out of the blue he tells me he doesn't want me anymore. He doesn't love me anymore. This continues for a while. He avoids me and does not come home after work. He outright does not want to be around me. He claims it is because he cannot handle my own emotional instability and is tired of walking on eggshells. He says our relationship is toxic, and the way he feels towards me has changed. He soon asked me to leave, and at first, I didn't want to. I thought he needed me. Until his words got stronger, "What would it take for you to leave." And that was when I took our son and left. I was a stay at home mom, and so I had nothing. I left the state with our 3-year-old to stay with family.
      I told him not to make any big decisions until we take some time a part because of what happened with his mom. I strongly believed that was what this was over. So technically, we were still together and just taking some time away from each other. He agreed. Three days later, he took our engagement status (we never got legally married) off of facebook. When I called him, he said he knew we were done. So began to move forward with my life. 2 weeks later, I went to get my things and he began to tell me he made a mistake, but also said he did not know what he wanted. So I got my things and left. 
      A few days later, he calls and says he wants me back. At this point, We had been a part for a total of 6 weeks (including the few days I was there getting my things). I've been living in a different state. He only once saw a grief counselor like we agreed upon before I ever left. However, he said he would do anything for me. I'm not sure what to do. He was violent with me in the past, although that stopped. He said he didn't want me. He wasn't doing anything to prove it to me, and at this point, I started dating someone else (nothing serious). My family seems insistent I should return to try again or at least get past any unresolved feelings, but I'm at a total loss. My heart breaks to hear him upset and wanting me back. But I cannot deny that I may feel happier where I am now, but there's not telling that it will last.
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