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I have been compulsively picking at my scalp for years. It started when I was in sixth or seventh grade and now I'm a junior in college and continue the habit. I think the habit started when I noticed a scab or two on my scalp. I picked at those scabs, and then they came back, and I created new sores in the process. Once I start picking my scalp, it is very hard for me to stop.


I have never told anyone about this habit because I am aware that it's gross and I don't think anyone will understand. It wasn't until today that I read about skin picking being added to the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and thought it sounded similar to my problem, so I looked around on the Internet and found out other people have the same problem.


I want to get help for my condition but I don't know how. I do not want to form permanent bald spots on my head but I do not think that I can stop picking on my own. I am already taking Paxil for depression and anxiety but like I said, no one knows that I have this problem. I guess I also have a bit of trichotillomania because I compulsively pull out my pubic hairs at night.


How can I stop these habits?

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How much Paxil do you take? For OCD the required dose sometimes exceeds that needed for depression by far. My package insert recommends up to 60mg/d - talk to your doc prior to raising the dose. Another option are anti psychotics, but I do not have experience with them so far.

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Hey Chloe,


I had posted a reply to this topic before, but it was unfortunately lost yesterday when the site was reset. I'll try to summarize my reply in case you didn't get to see it.


I think it's important first to recognize that though OCD and derma/trichotillomania are often comorbid, they are separate conditions.  Unless you display symptoms of OCD, I would not take  simon_I's suggestion of raising your Paxil dose.  Medication is not usually successful in treating derma/trichotillomania, and curing your OCD will not by default cure your derma/trichotillomania.


I had also previously stated that stopping picking/pulling will probably be one of the most difficult things you do in your life. And it's true.  Whether you succeed will be totally dependent on the drive you have to quit.  There isn't a magic drug or supplement that will do the work for you.  But there are some techniques that can help.


First, you need to identify your triggers.


Where do you pick/pull?  You mentioned you pull your pubic hairs before bed. When do you find yourself picking at your scalp? On the computer? In the bathroom?


And why do you pick/pull? Does it happen when you're stressed? Angry? Sad?  Bored?  Is it just so you have something to do with your hands?


When you identify your triggers, you can devise a plan on how to eliminate these triggers.  When a trigger can't be eliminated, you can prepare ahead of time by having ways to prohibit yourself from picking/pulling or by having alternatives to keep your hands busy.


Paperclips, rubber bands, tangle toys, and other fidgets are good to keep around the house.  If you find yourself picking/pulling, grab a fidget to keep your hands away from your scalp/pubic area.  Redirecting the urge to pick to something less destructive will be the single most effective way to prevent picking in the future. It will be difficult at first, but you'll eventually find fiddling with a fidget to be just as addicting as picking at your scalp. Wearing gloves and hats may also help to prevent you from picking/pulling.


Take this one week at a time.  If you mess up, it's not the end of the world.


And it won't always be this hard. It DOES get easier.  Once you hit the one month mark, it's smooth sailing. I promise.


Good luck!

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    • By Montague
      I am on day 2 of freaking out about my nails. Backstory: Ever since I can remember, I have obsessed over my fingernails. I traded one obsession for another. Awful nail biting turned into polishing and then picking it off every other day. Then I began clipping the skin around my nails obsessively. I've done this for ~ 15 years. I also had nail enhancements (acrylics, gel manicures, press-ons, etc.) constantly.  I have over 120 bottles of nail polish and a tub of enhancement tools to do acrylics and such.
      My husband finally demanded I get help. I constantly bite the skin around the nails, pick at it, or am touching/tapping/clicking my fingernails constantly. It is a nervous tick I never realized had gotten out of control. My husband took my cuticle nipper tool away and told me to bring this up to my psychiatrist. Since he made me aware of this, I have started realizing how often I mess with my nails. It is nearly constantly and habitual.  (I counted my fingers in my mouth about 4 times in an hour, and that is just what I became aware of.)
      Currently, my nails are all-natural. It is killing me. I normally have some sort of polish or other enhancement. My cuticle nipper is hidden. It is killing me. The only thing I AM allowed right now is cuticle oil to keep my very toughened skin moisturized. After years of clipping, it is pretty much calloused. I hate obsessing like this, but I figured this would be the place to vent this panic/obsession.
      Any suggestions for me?
    • By HappyRaven
      Oh my god, I've found My People.  Hi, crazy boards. This is my first post.
      I've been a picker since my early teens - due to Hashimoto's and general Bad Genes™ I've always had dark, coarse wiskers grow on my chin and neck - not like beard level, but enough that if I didn't pluck I'd definitely look like I was fighting a case of mange.  I was always always ALWAYS picked on by schoolmates because I had bad teenage acne, which was worse because my hands were always on my chin feeling for the slightest indication of a dreaded hair poking out.  If I felt something I would dig my face bloody with my nails, or later with tweezers. Now, in my 30's, I've dug little pits into my face to try and get at the 'root' of the problem (ha...)
      My mother always scolded me for this picking, often in the same breath as she would sit there and do the same thing, picking her own chin hairs.  I'm certain the hair thing has been proven geneticly tied, but honestly I think the OCD characteristics related to this kind of behaviour might be to... But that's musings for another time.
      As I got older the acne has all but stopped, but the wiskers are there with a passion. I pluck daily, sometimes for over an hour at a time.  It almost always ends with multiple bloody messy spots from digging.
      But... That's not actually what this post is about! 
      You see, recently a new plucking problem has surfaced. 
      Slight TMI warning
      Basically I've shaved my pubic area since around the age of 16.  In the past year I've decided to stop because I'm prne to rasorburn and that's just no fun. But, as the hair grew longer... Now I literally can not stop pulling it out.
       It almost always happens while I'm laying in bed reading, my hand just unconsciously roots out a certain coarse hair - it's always the ones that feel different - and then I end up yanking it with nails or tweezers after spending a short while trying to just rip it out. I am also prone to taking several hairs and twisting them up tight and just like... Tearing the whole wad out, even if that means keeping it taunt with one hand and using a finger to leverage each hair out separately.
      This has become so bad that the entire side of my pubic mound is effectively BALD. To hide it from my husband I went out and bought an epilator and ended up using that to methodically rip every darn hair down there out.
      I dont know if this is the 'healthiest' solution, but I sure am open to suggestions. For now I reckon if I can get on schedule with the epilator I can beat my subconscious before it decides to walk my hand down there looking for some hair to pull.
    • By Amberuss
      (background)I was diagnosed with Excoriation disorder a few months ago, but I've definitely had it for 4-6 years. Mine is currently and always has been out of control. My disorder has not only affected my social life but also my career and my education. Many many many people (bosses even professors) have asked me what the hell is wrong with my legs (legs are scared for life by this). My counselor is basically clueless on how to help me, I have no outlet, I have no one who understands what it's like. I feel as if its an impulse I cannot control. I cannot make myself stop. Please, please if you can offer me and advice it would help. I am tired of going through this alone. I've never talked to anyone else with this disorder and I also want to know other experiences people have had with it. 
    • By aerial_a
      Hello, this is my first post on here! Where do I start... Since I was about 5 I have been obsessed with hair pulling. Luckily I would not pull out hair on my head, but on my arms, legs etc. When I got older and started growing pubic hair, the habit was transferred to that. This is very embarrassing for me but I have never really thought it was a problem. I am 19 now and finally realized that it is not normal. I can spend 5 minutes to 2 hours sometimes trying to pull it all out. I feel like I go into a trance when I do it. I want to pull them ALL. My habit has never been something you can see, since it is always covered up, lol.
      I started looking up these habits and realized it was trichotillomania. That is how I found this forum. Anywho, I found one way that I feel has greatly reduced my plucking down there. I got a brazillian wax, all the hair was gone, and therefore no more pulling! It was great. Since then I bought my own brazillian wax and use that to rip all of them out so I am not constantly pulling them out on a daily basis.
      Has anyone else tried this? Or any opinions? I know it does not completely get rid of the habit but it sure does make it less frequent.
      Sorry this was long winded, but I just need some opinions on whether this is a good fix. Thank you!
    • By lane8907
      OK...so this is my story. It is a little long, slightly embarrassing, and more than likely a little TMI for some. However, I want to share to gain insight on whether or not this sounds like Trichotillomania or some other obsessive disorder.
      When I was a young child, maybe two or three, I used to pull out clumps of my hair. I would twist it around my fingers, and then just pull it all out. When my parents asked me about why I did it, I told them, "The boogey man made me do it." Now I don't remember this. Obviously I was too young, but I find it a little disturbing. However this behavior stopped by the time I started school at the age of 5.
      When I was maybe 8 or 9, the behavior started again, but it changed from the hair on my head to my eyelashes. My parents thought I did it because my eyes were itchy or something, but I just loved to pull them out. I would pull them out one by one. I can remember staring at each one and sometimes would even rub the end of each one along my lips just to feel the tickle. Then, I would line them up on my leg as I pulled them out and count them. I would tell myself that I would stop after 10, but then I would keep going and only stop because I didn't want to get in trouble if my parents caught me pulling them out.
      Eventually, after having to wash my eyes everyday with baby shampoo at the request of mom and dad, I stopped pulling out my eyelashes. Next, by about the age of 13 I moved to my eyebrows. I would pluck my eyebrows eveyday. This seemed ok because I was doing it for beauty purposes. I never really got obsessed with these like I have other parts of my body.
      Also, I began again to pull out hair on my scalp. This time however, it was not big clumps of hair it was just one at a time. I would search diligently to find the "perfect" hair to pull out. I would look for one that had an odd "scrunchy" like tecture that stood out from my usually fine, slick hair. Once I pulled it out, I would look at it and play with it some. I would see how much it would stretch and usually I desired to show it to someone because I thought it was "cool" but never did because I was embarrassed.
      Now, comes the most embarrassing part of my story. At about 17 I began plucking hair from my pubic area. The only person who knows about this is my now husband. I have always been embarassed about this. Sometimes when I go to the bathroom, I just can't resist the urge to pluck a few while I am sitting there. Sometimes I will have finished using the restroom, but stay in there for 10 ir 15 minutes just plucking out my hairs. I LOVE to see ones where I get the whole hair: the folicle, the root, the white bulb on the end, the skin attached to it etc. It is so gratifying and don't me started on going after ingrown hairs. Its like, when I spot one, I just cannot stop until I pull that thing out no matter how painful and no matter how bloody.
      The worst part about it is its not just my hair I go after. My poor husband has been a victim as well. Sometimes we will be laying in bed and while my head is on his chest I will notice a hair that seems darker than the others. I will start playing with it in my fingers then before I know it I have yanked it from his chest. I have done this to his beard as well. He knows  I am slightly obsessed with pulling out hair, but I don't think he or I have really realized how obsessed I really am.
      It was last night that I realized I am worse than I thought. I sat for 2 hours and plucked out all of my pubic hair. I am so embarassed. It looks absolutely dreadful down there. It hurts. I am afraid for my husband to see it, and yet, I was just plucking at it again about an hour before stumbling across this forum.
      Does this sound like trichotillomania? Does anyone have any suggestions for changing the behavior? Btw there is history of mental illness in my family OCD and multiple personalities and others I am sure.
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