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Side Effects of Increased Meds?

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So my doctor upped my clonazepam.  I was on .5mg daily, and she increased it to 1mg twice daily.  I tapered up to it over the course of about three weeks.  Around the time I started the new full dosage, I started having problems with my balance.  A few years ago, I walked with a cane for a year because of an unidentified balance problem that ended up being diagnosed as silent migraines.  With a change in diet, I was fine.  Now, all of a sudden, I'm falling down again.  


I don't feel dizzy, like vertigo, I'm just falling over.  I don't have any muscle problems (I hike regularly, so my legs and cardio skills are fine).  But I have been falling over, even when using my cane.  Like, had to get my sister to come in the kitchen and help pick me up off the floor tonight.  


Has anyone else had problems with balance as a side effect of their medication, or an increase of their medication?  I'm going to make a doctor's appt, but she probably won't have any more insight than I do, lol.  I need to change doctors.  That's a whole different issue though.  I'm hesitant to have her decrease the dosage because it's actually really helpful... except for the falling over.  


Sorry.  I have a lot of feelings.

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