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Feeling like I'm in between doing things? Stuck? Can't make decisions...

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You need to give me more information before I can answer your question.  There are a million reasons why someone can't make decisions, and 99% have nothing to do with mental illness.  What other symptoms are you having?

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I absolutely hate the "stuck" feeling you describe. As others have mentioned, it's completely normal for it to be hard to make decisions. However, it gets much worse as a symptom of bipolar disorder, at least in my case. We could be experiencing totally different things, but I think I know what you're alluding to. To ease things, I do my best to calm myself down and allow myself to relax. I remind myself that sometimes a decision doesn't have to be made and that it's ok to do nothing for a little while. I hope that makes a little bit of sense.

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I have days where I have difficulty making decisions. Almost every day, it doesn't mean I'm in a mood episode. It means I just suck at that. I can sit and hum and haw over something for hours. This makes me a pain in the ass to shop with.


If you aren't normally like this, talk to your pdoc, but it doesn't seem like an emergency.

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