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Feeling Crappy & Old like a Dry Sponge

Guest BOYD

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LOL well this is turning into a fun little topic!

Yeah, what honkingbird said. Now why do I giggle uncontrollably when I think of "honking bird"? 

Don't mind me because I have a very facetious way and can turn everything I read into something naughty. It is a burden I try to overcome.  *oops I just did it again*

Boyd I think you need to send me a picture, I have to see the windsurfing crazy man.  Your wife must be a character herself to live with you? I know my hubby

(whom I had to laugh when you called yourself an old dog because his nick is The DOG) keeps me on the edge of my seat most of the time.

LOL @ Olga. Fossils? You don't seem stiff to me.

Boyd, honking is right, stop worrying about your meds damnit.  Though I do like to see your new topics so I can follow you around and harass you every day.


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Hi Honey Honker... I keep telling you are a Central PA Keeper for any man not in his right mind.
Italics added for emphasis are MINE...

I wanta be Robert or Jack respectively.... I got my eyes on you!

Oh, please...this is sounding dangerously like flirting! Now tell everyone how much you love your beautiful wife before she comes looking for me with a machete!

Honk, Honk

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I got my eye's on you Flocker... Are you in or out of the circle of trust.  Just quoting the movie since you have trouble with basic movie trivia & failed in other obtuse facts for the obtuse.

I'm in! I'm in! But I take exception to your statement that I have trouble with BASIC movie trivia, now the obtuseness of the sponge, you have me there. Definitely have trouble with that...

What wife? What um.... If I stop posting Run for your Life.

I'm doomed. I'll just wait for her...<writing my last will and testement now...>She is a super athlete, Nordic Goddess, while I am broken from the neck up and the shoulders down...

Ok. I love My Blond wife.
Just so we have it in writing. My kids may need it in the Capital Murder trial.  ;) .

All in good fun!

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Yeah yeah yeah I live with a Clint Eastwood fan here too.

You probably know more chic flicks than I do. I get bored very easily with movies. They had better keep moving, and fast. Which is probably why I adore CLint but cannot sit through his movies more than once, IF "he is lucky".

One western I made it through is Tombstone. Loved it. Val Kilmer as Doc was the best role he ever played. 

I'm yer huckelberry.


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