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Listen, I mean no harm with my post, I like I said I do not disagre wit the notion that all healing comes from God, including meds that work, I just wanted to share my story because I truely believe God has healed me.


Does that mean if my meds are not working then God has abandoned me?

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I am a Christian.


I was in a deep depression and I prayed to God.  He led me to my wonderful psychiatrist and therapist (both of whom are also Christians) and, through prayer, behavioral modifications, and medication to help balance out my brain chemicals, I dug myself out of that depression.


God wants me to stay on my medications, to remember and live by the things my therapist taught me, and to continue praying and praising Him.  He used my psychiatrist and therapist according to His will to heal me.


That is what I believe.  I do not believe that God gives us specific challenges such as illness, famine, or car accidents.  I believe that life gives us those things.  If we pray to God, He will help us to get through them.  He won't make our problems disappear, but He will help us to find solutions.

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But your pastor is potentionally putting peoples lives in danger by basically..well..subtly bullying and manipulating..because I cant think of any other words too describe it..even if hes not doing it consciously..its like playing spiritual chicken..do what I say or admit you arent faithful..so say you absolutely 100% beieve that this is not dangerous for you..can you say for absolute certianly that it will work on anyone else he wants too try it on? Do you really wanna endorse this?

Say someone goes through a so called healing experiance only too have there sympptoms come back stronger than theyve ever been but now they refuse too recognize it and get help because that would be denying a miracle from god?

Im saying this because I came from a fundamental church. When my illness started too manifest I was told the same things as you..things was it didnt work..and I begged god with alll my heart while being told my faith was just too weak..that does some fucked up shit too a twelve year old..and my father has been saying since my first panic attack that I had a demon oppressing me..I was five dude..what could a five year old have done too atrached a demon? And for the next tens years why didnt it leave me alone when I gave god alll the faith I could muster?

So im not just speaking as a sceptic im speaking as someone who was subjected too that kind of religion..and having experianced those personal beliefs first hand..I can only imagine that this type of religous thinking has cost people there lives

Im.sorry about the rant and I truely hope you stay well whether that means your "cured" or that you start taking meds again.

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Once upon a time, a man of great faith was threatened by flood waters approaching his home.


A fire truck came by, and the firemen urged him to get in their truck - "Get in our truck, we can still drive you to safety."

The man refused. "I have no need for your truck," he said, "for I have faith that God will save me."


The flood waters rose and the man had to climb onto the roof of his house to escape them.


A police boat came by, and the police yelled to him, "Get in our boat and we'll get you to safety."

"No need," the man replied, "I have faith that God will save me."


The waters continued to rise.


A Coast Guard helicopter flew overhead and dropped a rope latter down to the man. "Climp up the ladder," a guardman shouted, "and we will get you to safety!"

"No need," the man shouted back, "I have faith that God will save me."


The flood waters the rose over the top of the house and the man died.


The man arrived in Heaven. "God," he said, "I had such faith in You, why didn't You save me?"


God replied, "What do you think the fire truck, the boat, and the helicopter were for?"

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So why did god create schizophrenia in the first place if it causes so much suffering and then god has to turn around and heal it ?

Galations 5:22 "but the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, LONGSUFFERING, gentleness, goodness, faith" I believe mental illness has made me more spiritual and brought me closer to God than I have ever been. What the devil meant for evil, God meant for good.

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I guess that's your choice if you want to wait for God to heal you. I prefer to take the meds that God has given people the ability to make, if you want to get all spiritual. I guess I don't believe God will heal all wounds. I could sit here waiting idly, but my family would be suffering right along with me, waiting for my "cure".

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Ack...people have to be careful with their "position of power." This guy is manipulative and is filling OP's head with dangerous stuff. I'm reminded of when I attended a few (well, more than a few) AA meetings and they told me that I don't need my meds or doctors, it's just the alcoholism talking (not an alcoholic, just needed a head check to stop drinking for the wrong reasons on my meds, tdoc eventually agreed AA wasn't for me/didn't need it) and that if I just let the "higher power" take over it, I would be ok. I already had some skepticism about AA in general but I met people that follow it's ideals/foundations so blindly that they would listen to that and stop their medications no matter how dangerous it is.


I'm glad that people find support and comfort in AA, church, etc etc., but it's a fine line when it comes down to it, MI or not.


I, too, am sorry that the church is brainwashing you OP. I hope you stick with the meds and doctors. Sometimes the necessity of meds is just a harsh reality.


Hope you are well OP...

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