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Help me find a place to scream!

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Before I moved to the city, I had a car. And I would drive around in my car when I got mad or antsy or depressed, and SCREAM. Scream at the top of my lungs. Scream and scream and scream. And sometimes, I would park, get in the back seat, and throw myself around pounding the seat, becuase it would limit the amount of physical damage I inflicted, while still letting me pound out the frustration and have so deep pressure. I might get a few weird looks for screaming while I was in traffic, but the car held in most of the sound and I could go to a more-or-less deserted back road. This was a GREAT method for calming me down - I managed to avoid SI (cutting) becuase I could work out so much of my physical frustrations. You might want to try it, if you ever feel like the rage or whatever is bubbling up...

EXCEPT! I moved to a city! I have no car! I can't get away to the middle of nowhere, and ther's nowhere for me to SCREAM! (Don't want to scare the neighbors.) Can people give me suggestions for alternatives?

Would a pillow really muffle enough of the sound that I could scream while in my apartment? Could I do like Liza Minelli in 'Cabaret' and scream under the train tracks? Do yopu think that there's enough weird things going on in the city at night that now one would care, anyway? Help!

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Loud music and a thick pillow or a blanket or something.

I reguarly scream and pound in my car... i try not to do it in trafic but... eh God has put a protective bubble around my car or something, heh.

Screaming is a great alturnative to SI that's for sure. Its just hard to find a place to do it.

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Pillows really do work.

Punk shows are awesome.

Actually, pretty much any show involving music where no one can discern the lyrics and the lead vocalist sounds like he's about to puke up his guts for rage should do ya.

Frigging huge sporting events can work.

Bank machines. Some banks have ATMs in sealed glass lobbies with double-doored vestibules between you and the rest of the world. Late at night, there's usually no one there. I go there to sing (can't wake the roommate), but screaming should be good, too.

Elevators can work, in very specific places and times. Keep an eye out. You'll likely know the right place if you find it.

Would screaming underwater (swimming pool) help?

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