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Pregnancy and ssri's

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Paxil. Lowered my dose to 10mgs. I had been on it several years at that point and was pretty stable so lowering the dose worked out fine for me.

I was glad I was 40 because at that age standard testing and amnio is covered and I think I worried more about the paxil than my age. So it was very helpful to me to KNOW the baby was ok.

I have a happy healthy 3 year old.  Pregnancy and delivery were fine.

I also have 2 other friends who took ssri's through pregnancy and they and their babies were fine too.

I think I would only worry if you were on a very high dose.

Talk to your Doc about it (if it is you or a loved one) and work as a team on the  brain and pregnancy issues.  If my Doc had said oh no you must go off cold turkey I would have walked out and found another Doc.


feel free to ask me anything if  you have more questions. (and someone might move this down to the pregnancy board)

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Yes. Celexa 40 mg for the whole pregnancy.  Also had to take some antibiotics in there for a nasty sinus/ear infection, and Protonix the last trimester for acid reflux.  And I nursed on it as well, and he weathered the changes when the Celexa pooped out, through Lexapro, Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, and discontinuation syndrome.  He's almost 19 months old now and normal size/weight, happy kid.  Not the best of sleepers, but hey.  Takes after his mama.

I tried to taper off the Celexa before TTC but I just.could.not.do.it.  So my OB and I decided it was better to risk being on drugs and being pregnant and "normal," than be unmedicated and nuts.  Oh, and my huz and older son benefitted from me staying on drugs too.  And if you're already on an ssri, you don;t get baby blues and post-partum depression  ;)

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Some of it may be a little "dry" reading, but Erka Ramone has pinned some great research articles about the use of antidepressants in pregnancy at the top of this board.  The summantion is that you need two things--

1) an OB with a brain who is willing to work WITH your Pdoc and who realizes that women who are clinically depressed MUST continue treatment during and adfter pregnancy for their own health and that of the baby

and 2) a PDoc who is willing to work with your OB

See, its gotta be a team effort, cause dosages will have to be fiddled with, or even meds changed.  After all, pregnancy changes every thing about your body chemistry--hair color doesn't even work the same, for god's sake--so it stands to reason you migt need to have your meds tweeked.

But please don't give up, and don't let ANYONE tell you that you MUST NOT take any psych meds during preg. They are the crazy ones.  If your ob tells you that, say, politely,"Bu-bye" and find someone else--quickly--who will work with you and the Pdoc.

We're here to help--most of us have been thru this, or have delt with it from a clinical end--like me--so please ask and keep writing!

Love, China Ramone, RN

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