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Wonder Nails with Lamictal!

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Top, front page news!!!

I have been on Lamictal (350mg) for 10 months. I am 27 years old and had been a life-long, avowed nail biter.

Strange but true...

At about 200mg, I noticed that I had RIPPED a nail. Then I looked at my hands. ALL my nails were long! I don't know how this escaped my attention but I just never noticed them getting long. And I NEVER tried to stop biting them or even thought about my nails at all!

Now, they do grow very strong and very long. I need to at least give them a GOOD filing every day, and cut them at least twice a week. I do not bite them, have no desire to do so, and don't think about them. STRANGE BUT TRUE!!!

Anyone else develop Wonder Nails on Lamictal?

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