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Wonder Hair with Lamictal

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This goes along with my nail growth side effect. Suddenly, I woke up one day with hair in my face. I have bangs and last time I checked, my hair was still on the short side, around my jaw. It seems, that either through lack of self-observation or just all of the sudden, SOMETHING HAPPENED.

Now, my bangs go to my mouth and my hair is at my shoulders. My highlights were done about 6 weeks ago and already I'm showing major roots.

This is NOT limited to the hair on my head. My leg and underarm and OTHER hair is also growing super fast. I'm giving Gillette a lot of business!

My stylist is totally blown away by this. He says that he has never, ever seen hair grow half this fast.

I don't know what to say. I don't eat anything special or practice eastern religions or anything. This all started when I went up to 200mg Lamictal, and now I'm at 350-400mg and it seems to be continuing.

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