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Kia Ora! As suggested, I am posting links to the NZ mental health plans here.

The health system here will soon be integrating (for all services and users) the Maori Model of Health. Basically, the holistic approach to health; a persons health is not based on one factor, it based upon the connections of four health areas in their life - mental health, physical health, spiritual health, and family health.

whanau - family

Here are some links that are useful :)

Maori Health Models

- the three models used in nz for treatment plans.


Models of health explained, taken from a MindBody Conference

- explains terms, and explains how this works in the holistic treatment plan that should be used for ALL patients


Youth Mental Health Intiative NZ

- the sector I work in (I work for YOSSs, CAHMSs, and Whanau Ora), and what has been implemented for 12-19 year olds.


Mental Health Plan 2012 - 2017


Mental Health Foundation of NZ

- resources, stories, useful things


Te Pou

- support, development, and resources for mental health workers in nz.


Like Minds, Like Mine

- A national mental health service created to stop stigma and discrimination. Service users helping service users.


I can add more links, share documents, share resources, and basically answer any questions if needed :)

Note: edited twice, forgot two add two links

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