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CNS: Jackbooted gentleman, scholar...or thug?

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UPDATED 12-01-10 med change

Crazynotstupid, aka CNS, been around through a couple of board transitions. Dx'ed BPI after a very bad episode 10-04. Dx'ed MDD a couple times before that, but who hasn't. Have the usual spotty job history, criminal record, drinking problems, and an absolutely amazing record of vehicular accidents, most of which are actually not my fault.

Current rx'es are topamax 400 mg split 2x/day and lamictal 400 mg split 2x/day. Playing with risperdal dosing at the moment. Trying not to have a truly wonderous explosive episode. Would be cool though.

Past meds include: celexa, lexapro, wellbutrin (or technically zyban as it was for quitting smoking), seroquel and amytriptilyne(for sleep), zyprexa, geodon, invega, abilify, lithium, and invega (metabolite of risperdal but thereyago) and yes I've tried chantix. Miserable failure, that.

I'm also a Type I diabetic, so throw in insulin on top of all of that. Dx'ed fall of '83. Only one near-death experience so far.

As far as education goes, I have a B.A. in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management and if I'd listened when they said check your classes I'd have a Concentration in Economics as well. just goes to show...

Born, raised, and still live in helena MT. Like it here. Not going anywhere.

I like music. Loud music. Rock and metal generally but if it sounds good, then good.

Boards I moderate:


Bipolar Spectrum Disorder

Self Injury

Substance Abuse

Legal, Employment, and Disabilty Issues

The Confessional

I have a B.A. in Management and I work with truckers. For a State agency. I'm also a certified election judge. Gov't enough for ya? Btw I'm for very limited gov't. So there.

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