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After several years of vascillating between the depths of hell and the very edge, the depression is "officially" in remission (according to P-doc AND T-doc AND me) and has been for over two months.  I have a box full of tools to help me which includes (finally) a med combo that works.

You guys have also been most amazingly awesome.

Thank you.


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Guest Vapourware

Great to hear! I think your story is also inspiring - it shows that yes, depression can be overcome with the right help and perseverance. There is hope out there!

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Meds are 225 mg Effexor in the a.m., 100 mg Seroquel at night.


- an awesome P-doc and T-doc (it took years to find them)

- cognitive therapy

- meditation

- dealing with my PTSD (after being wrongly diagnosed as borderline)

- crazy boards support (even just reading responses to others' posts is helpful)

- artwork

- writing (both therapeutic and non-therapy based poetry)

- giving up a deeply entrenched eating disorder (25 years)

- giving up alcohol as a coping mechanism (I have an occasional glass of wine when we go out).  I used SMART recovery as a tool for about 2 years.

- learning  how to take care of myself in a gentle way (meditation has helped me learn to do this - for example, recognizing that the negative "talk" in my head is just that...)

- learning to feel my emotions and recognizing that the emotions will not destroy me.

In the last words spoken to me by the BAD t-doc a year ago:  "it looks as if  you're going to make up your own program".  So, with the help of awesome T-doc...I did.

I think I will be more able to recognize the early stages of depression if it begins to rear it's ugly head and I know what I need to do if that happens...


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