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Holy cow!  I haven't felt this good in a long time.  I don't know if it's my diet change, the B complex I've started taking, my meds are finally working, or a combo.  Saturday I started Weight Watchers to lose the 30 lbs I've put on. Im doing their Core Plan, which is all about eating unprocessed foods (lean meats, fruit, vegetables, whole grains and starches, etc).  It's really a balanced diet, with an occasional treat.  Basically, you eat foods from the core foods list and you don't have to count points.  You eat till you're satisfied.  You have points for the week to have stuff that's not core. 

So, I had been on a carb/sugar binge for the past couple months.  The past few days have been hard with sugar cravings and feeling worn down.  Today, though, I feel great.  I have energy, don't feel depressed or manic (not dx bipolar, yet).  No intrusive thoughts.  I just feel normal.  Has anyone else changed their diet to find it helped with their depression?  I think having all the good stuff, and not eating all the junk food/fast food I was eating, is really doing me some good. 

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I really believe that eating healthy and drinking plenty of water does wonders for everyone (including us MI folk). 

I try (really, I do) to eat healthy most of the time, and do my best to drink water when I can remember (for some reason I never, ever get thirsty??)  and I always feel better when I can stick to it for a period of time... Alas, I always fall off the wagon  :)   (and I REALLY hate being overweight, so you'd think this would be added motivation??  sigh )

Also, moderate exercise is well known to help with depression (it's just getting yourself to do it and stick to it that's hard... well, for me at least)

Congrats on your diet, may it continue to work for you! 

mentally sending some extra willpower your way   ;)

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Yep, me, too.

I've lost half my body weight by cutting out the processed carbs

no chips, dips, etc.

occasional chocolate now

did have to give up artificial sweetners, though, as they increased my appetite and cravings for sweets.

and I can tell the difference within days if my protein intake is too low

vitamins have helped me tremendously

so has drinking lots of water

now if I can just get better and longer sleep...


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I hear

nuts and berries

are good.

the energy required

to harvest them,

get them


figure out storage.

call it the Squirrell diet.


I watched

Bears eat


they get about 1/2

leaves and twigs,

plus the bugs,grubs

and worms.

OK,shutting-up now

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Is it possible that the combinations of your medicines are causing you to not be thirsty?

I drink a TON of water a day, not particulary because I'm thirsty, but I just like the taste of water. It tastes...clean. I can't really explain it, but I love the hell out of it.

But my sister on the other hand, absolutely cannot stand it, and has never liked it. She was the juice queen for years.

But I like eating healthy, it makes me feel way less lethargic.

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Glad you are feeling better.  I felt great when I was vegan and also when I was using my juicer daily. Now I am fat and lazy ;)   There is just something about REAL food.

Life without chocolate?  I don't think so. 

I HAVE to do it, allergic to chocolate. Doesn't that suck?

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I notice a 1000% difference in mental and emotional functioning and subjective feeling when eating a regular, balanced, well-portioned diet as opposed to not. I've said before and been promptly attacked for saying, there have been studies showing how diet has an impact on mental health that surpasses that of any single medication (in terms of its predictable effect and lack of negative harmful effects). Check out the movie "Super Size Me" for some interesting perspective on this.

The Weight Watchers, and other lean body mass diets that are all about regimented, balanced intake of unprocessed foods with emphasis on fruits, grains, veggies, and making sure you keep getting protein all appear to vastly improve mood, cognition, concentration, energy, and confidence. I pretty much think of diet and exercize nowadays as primarily about maintaining my mental state; being physically in shape is a nice secondary effect.

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