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Wellbutrin working very inconsistently

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BPII, I've been taking klonopin as needed for years and years, and 200 mg lamictal since January.  The Lamictal has really helped a lot.

I got fired on September 30th from a job I'd had for 5 years.  I was less upset about my marraige ending.

So, to take advantage of that last month of insurance, and to help combat this new depression, about 2 weeks ago my dr put me on Wellbutrin SR 150 mg once a day, to be bumped up to twice a day eventually. 

We'd talked about putting me on an ad eventually anyway, and I'd just spontaneously quit smoking a week or two before.  And what girl in size 16 blue jeans doesn't want to lose a little weight?

Ok, so the wellbutrin is wierd.  Most days nothing.  And then one day I feel like I've just smoked half a gram of meth, pacing back and forth through the whole house, never able to settle down and get anything done, cracked out and irritable.  And then nothing for a couple days.  And then BOOM!  There I am again.  "I didn't get anything accomplished today, what the hell did I do?  OH!  I paced the goddamn house all day."

If it would just settle somewhere in between, it'd be pretty nice.

I mean, Lamictal, THAT'S supposed to react to everything under the sun, but it never really has.  Why the hell is the wellbutrin suddenly doing it?

So, the question:

Has anybody else experienced really spotty effects from wellbutrin, and did you ever figure out anything that seemed to trigger it?

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I get very good days on the WB so far (ones where it really helps my brain make sense of things... objects don't fall apart visually, or jumble, or blur etc. when I move around them, streetlights don't throw dinnerplate-sized haloes around, I can move my mouth properly and smoothly when talking) which is a very novel experience, and others where I don't quite get there, but nothing as sketchy as what you seem to be experiencing.

Almost sounds like rapid cycling to me, the pacing, racing, unrest etc.

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