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Lexy and High Blood

Guest BOYD

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Well I just got back from my knee doc and he took my blood pressure because

the knee did not need to mended and said to forget the knee but my bp was

148/88. Great now I'm gonna die. 120/80 is my normal pre-lexy. I told him it was due to my wife but said she was not to blame, BS.

So I pointed at the lexapro and he said it was not an amphetamine.

I said.. but doc it is a stimulant

He said what's the difference, you bp is higher, get it rechecked with your


So is Lexapro or my wife to blame.


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I don't think you are dying yet.

If your regular pressure is indeed 120/80 then it was elevated but hardly at an emergency level.  It would be good, if you have somewhere you could check your pressure every few days and see if you are indeed showing a consistant elevated pressure or if it was a fluke.

Yes you need to see your GP about it but without knowing if this is going up and down, always elevated, or a one time deal, it will be hard for him to determine whether to to wait and watch it or to run more tests.

A good physical may be in order if you haven't had one recently.

ssri's usually lower blood pressure. Of course there could be a rare few who might get the opposite effect but without checking everything out there is no way to place the blame on the lex unless you can rule other factors out first.

Don't stress about it, just follow up.  Speaking of, have you been stressed lately?

Did you drink more coffee, exercise, feel hurried etc? Lots of things can cause a one time spike. 

Bottom line monitor it and see your GP before you freak out. Just be proactive.


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Awwww Boyd don't go all OCD on a borderline blood pressure.

Especially a one time reading done at the height of your lex day.  Go take a reading in the morning and one in the late evening.  If you stress out you will give yourself the bp "test phenom". True syndrome. People get nervous and elevate their bp reading but have a completely normal bp the rest of the time.

My cousin does this so finally had to invest in a bp cuff to take readings at home and keep a chart to prove to herself she was ok. Now the Doc just uses her charts.


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Effexor made my blood pressure go up.  So did imipramine even though I was only on a tiny dose.  The two months I was on imipramine (with the pdoc checking my blood pressure every week), my readings were in the mid 140s/90s.  Imipramine + adderall was really bad news.  Now I'm just on adderall and I'm down to 136/82.  Still high, but getting better.  Pdoc says he wouldn't want me to have that reading for the rest of my life, but for the next month, it'll be ok. 

I tend to get nervous at the docs, and that can lead to a higher than normal reading, too.  Definitely talk to your regular doc and try not to worry too much.  I'm not a doc, but as I understand it, long term untreated high blood pressure can cause big problems, but in the short term, while you're trying to figure out what's causing it and find a solution, you'll be ok. 

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My Blood pressure,

has been more


and low,



I have cool

little pressure machine

When I was off

Oxy,it was spiky

and high,that

kind of thing

kills you.

My Dad was


at 52.

I'm 50.

At least

the crazymeds

did something good.


instead of



still,slow , Stasis

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