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Just thought people could use this thread to post links, articles, youtube clips and other information about mindfulness in one place. This can include meditation, relaxation tips, sense awareness, breath awareness, body awareness, etc

To kick off with some YouTube clips with my notes:

Deepak Chopra: Meditation & Stress Reduction
A good introduction to meditation by Deepak Chopra. How to keep still in a world of hysteria. Goes through stages of meditation, eg) sensation awareness, breath awareness.

Chris Sharma: Letting Go // Inside Game Episode 1
Mindful movement: I'm not a rock climber but I enjoyed this interview. Getting the balance right between keeping an end goal in sight without getting attached to it. Playing with the goal and not taking it too seriously while also giving it meaning. Falling 50 times at the same place on the journey and not giving in.

Ocean Guided Meditation with Deepak Chopra
Short guided relaxation into nature. Tropical environment. Good place to start if you want to start exploring guided meditations.

Ps: This can be moved to alternative healing if it's better suited, thanks :)

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    • By Igobihim
      My son is 9 and is extremely wild spirited.
      His school brought in a representative for kids with special needs and disabilities. They sat us down and showed us this huge packet that had all these topics rated from 1-10. His mother had done a similar packet for home behaviors. After a long discussion and comparison of the two packets. The lady said he has ODD and needs to have special treatment in class and on assignments. 
      I was perturbed, but listened to what they were saying. He has very emotional outbursts and yelling, screaming and throwing or kicking objects all around the house and at school. If you ask him to do something he, without hesitation, will respond with a no, tears and suddenly overwhelmed. If you say something about something he is doing he will argue even if it is clearly there and is exactly what I said it was. Like a chicken in a video game, I would say oh that's a chicken and he would say no it's not. And then I will point it out again he will get angry and still says no it's not. Asking him to do anything at home he would react with emotions that were not there a second ago and it is like I am dragging him into a pit of fire.
      I was a terror growing up. I asked my mom and she just said spank it out if him. Not my method, she couldn't beat it out of me and it just made me scared to have emotions because they resulted in physical pain from the person who you should feel safe with. 
      So I can't beat him up for this. I can't yell or become short tempered where I start saying stuff like, 'I don't care just get it done' while he is defeated and crying over his homework and doesn't have a clue on how to manage his emotions or the sudden defiance that his mind does instantly. He is in a state of confusion often and it pains me to see him in this state where nothing helps and everything is against him.
      He has great runs of cooperating and wanting to do his chores and help me with mine. He is sweet and gentle. Loving and caring. But, when he spins up he losses his grip and can't control his defiance. I see the defeat. I have an MI, I came to CB for myself and never thought to mention this because of the third person rule. So I am not asking for advice on how to treat him. I want to know what do I do. How can I cope with the diagnosis, how do I accept this situation. Is there resources that I can research to increase my knowledge and skills to set.
      I still need to parent him. I need to parent him with skills that are pertinent to his situation. I need support because I am hurting because he is hurting. 
    • By HisHarleQuinn
      My boyfriend and I are going to Dallas 4/28 ( technically 4/29 because it will be midnight when we leave probably ) and returning 5/1. We're wondering if anyone in Dallas, or who might have been there could suggest some fun things to do? We're also on a budget, so some decent priced things. Especially things for couples. So far we're going to the holocaust museum - I have German blood in me, and my family were those who took part in hiding Jews. The Speedzone, for their arcade and Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. We are open minded in our relationship - in regards to our sexuality and sex life. We would love to do something together in the adult scene if you will. If you have a suggestion in that area and don't feel comfortable commenting it please message it to me. Like strip clubs, adult stores, etc. Bars, nightclubs, other adult only places. We also wanna know some good places like for swimming that might be open? Good priced hotels? I have Expedia, so if I can find it there even better. Arcades, fun places, good places to eat. I know locals have really good suggestions on places to eat that aren't listed like locally owned resturants too. We're not opposed to travelling throughout Dallas/FW area. Grand Prairie, etc. Ripley's is in GP. I'm 20 and he's 42, I can't drink but he'll probably get me some drinks while we're there. We just wanna have fun. This is our first trip together, and we wanna make the best of it! Also, please no one flip out over my asking of "adult" suggestions, we're all adults here - I think at least, so be mature about it. I didn't say anything explicit, imo, so.
    • By Hester
      I am feeling so agitated at the moment that even Ativan isn't doing much to help...
      What do you do to help when you feel like this?
      I feel like I want to crawl out my own skin... can't concentrate enough to watch TV or read, can't sit still, can't string much of a sentence together sometimes...
      It's been going for about a week.
      I have no pdoc access for 2.5 weeks so how do most people get through this?
      I've been drinking a lot to help with it but i know that's a bad idea...
      I try to walk and run a lot and I'm writing a lot and eating a lot too and I feel ok during those times but when I stop it's hell...
    • By Evey
      Does anyone have any good links to learn mindfulness in regard to anxiety?
    • By MattMVS7
      Most people who experience panic attacks only have a few per day or a few every other day.  This is because panic is caused by a perceived threat (either real or irrational) which means that these people only perceive a threat every once in a while and they have control over their panic overall.  However, there are very severe cases like me in which the perceived threat is constant which causes constant recurring panic attacks.  
      These people like me have no control over this horrifying experience no matter what they tell themselves and no matter what relaxation techniques they use.  People like me are unable to calm down.  I have a strong phobia which is a fear of me speeding.  Therefore, since the Earth is constantly speeding, that is then a constant perceived threat that caused me continuous uncontrollable panic that just might have lead me into being shot up in a hospital.  I felt that I might never get it under control and that I would be doomed to be in this near constant state of panic everyday for my entire life which made the panic that much worse.
      My experience was that I had a panic attack which lasted for 15-20 seconds.  After which, I then had 15-20 seconds of relief and then another panic attack immediately afterwards.  This process continued on and I thought it might never stop.  But fortunately, I now have severe chronic anhedonia (emotional numbness) which has numbed my fear.  However, it has also numbed my ability to experience any good feelings whatsoever and I now no longer have any ability to experience pleasure.
      Usually people who have phobias (such as a spider phobia) go through exposure therapy in having a spider walk on his/her arm.  This person would then panic at first, but the panic would then subside and the person would now be virtually cured of his/her phobia.  This is unlike me since I could not calm down no matter what and my panic was constantly recurring.
      I wish to know if there are others who have also perceived a constant threat that was a part of their everyday lives that caused them continuous uncontrollable recurring panic attacks and that if these people ever managed to get something like this under control somehow.
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